T.J. Miller and Shock Top's Wedgehead Review the Top Commercials from Super Bowl 50

Comedian T.J. Miller and Shocktop's Wedgehead teamed up for their own hilarious Super Bowl 50 commercial and the chemistry was so good, the two decided to take a shot at reviewing the best commercials from Super Bowl Sunday.

"The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the United States but it has also become the Super Bowl of advertising, their are winners and losers in that realm and their are people watching just for that," T.J. Miller said. "You look at this year, Willem DaFoe, Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum, Lil Wayne, Paul Rudd, it really becomes who can do the funniest commercial."


"We had a lot of stuff, Shocktop came to me, they explained to me they want to do an ad that is lower key it's not helicopters crashing or dogs saving people," T.J. said. 

"They said "so you and a talking beer tap meet in a bar and we just want you to improvise," the tone is just you and Wedgehead fucking around going back and forth. The brand alignment is perfect I’m a comedian that tries to be a little left of center, I have a voice that is a little strange, but be mass appeal, hugely accessible. Shock Top is a wheat beer with a little citrus, it's not here to compete with craft beers but it's here to give you more of a craft beer feel when you don't want a lager.

While Super Bowl week is fun for most, it is simply another week full of work for T.J. Miller.

"Deadpool is intergrated into the Super Bowl and i'll be at the game through Deadpool and Shock Top, but I'll bet even at the game i'll be trying to hammer out the outline for X Criminals, the movie we sold to DreamWorks, or figuruing out budget stuff for Goreburger, a show for Comedy Central, my full-time mission statement is to create comedy and try to cemenate to an audience like me is just trying to get through the day."

"My father and I watched the games as much for the advertising as we did for the football. For this I thought if it's not going to be funny i'm not going to do it just to be in a Super Bowl ad, but working with Shock Top it turned out being pretty funny."

The memories of some of the more off the wall funny comedic resonated with T.J.

"The Grey Poupon commercial was really funny, the fact that it was in "Wayne's World" and my father would do that joke, was weird and funny. The Slim Jim ads with Randy "Macho Man" Savage were so funny. That is the only way to separate themselves, people are really trying to make their mark and carve some space. It is the same with Deadpool, people are sick of superhero movies, the same formula, it's going to be a palate cleanser."

"Hopefully just building trust with the American public, I’m always going to come with my best effort. It's all cumulative, it was weird six months ago, it's really weird now and it will be even more weird a year from now. That fact that in a Super Bowl commercial Wedgehead says "Hey T.J."that deserves a drink, then you are approaching household name territory and that totally changes your life," T.J. said.

Finally, T.J. commented on his recent run of success from hosting the Critic's Choice Awards to his Shock Top Super Bowl Ad, the opening of Deadpool and his many ongoing projects.

"With success comes more opportunities, hopefully a year or two away from being able to dictate my own schedule and I can't do that without America and people have to like the Shock Top and love the next Dreamworks project," T.J. said. "I have to keep getting them to trust me as their jester and then you get a little more control is rare for anybody including me. Now people know if they work with me or hire me I’m going to improvise and they expect me to elevate the material."

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