Stud Life Film Review - Official Selection of Outfest 2012


T'Nia Miller & Kyle Treslove in "Stud Life"


Photographer JJ (T’Nia Miller) is living the London Stud Life. Entrepreneur and online vid-blogger of “JJ Just Sayin’,” JJ is constantly fought over by women – gay and straight – who find themselves wrapped by her charm and confidence. But JJ is only interested in the girl that is hardest to get.


Elle (Robyn Kerr) is the femme that captures JJ’s imagination. She is beautiful, she’s light skinned, she’s sexy and completely out of JJ’s league. And that seems to be the exact reason that Elle decides to date JJ. The new couple does almost everything together, sexually and socially. Despite the occasional friend maintenance JJ has to oblige with her queer sidekick, Seb (Kyle Treslove), Elle seems willing to follow, doing as little or as much as JJ wants.


T'Nia Miller (r) & Robin Kerr in "Stud Life"


Ironically, it is what JJ learns about Elle that brings their relationship to a screeching halt. Hence the tug of war between attraction and acceptance ensues.


Stud Life is an interesting film because it follows a character that explores and confronts the challenges of gender identity. JJ’s life is a twisted game of perception versus expectations versus sense of self, rendered in this film in a very human way. The conflict and emotions are raw and sometimes awkward, qualities masterfully conveyed through the visceral camera work. Moreover, Stud Life gives audiences a glimpse of a world and character rarely seen on the big screen. It was delightful to met someone like JJ.


"Stud Life" directed by Campbell X


Having first screened at Outfest Fusion, Stud Life, directed by Campbell X is an official selection of Outfest: The 30th Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, happening July 12-22, 2012 in downtown los Angeles and in select theaters across Los Angeles and Hollywood.

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