Stuart K. Robinson - Best Commercial Acting Coach in Los Angeles - is Your Guide and Guru into the Commercial Acting World. Review


So you want to be in Commercials?  What are you going to do about it?

Agents and Casting directors would tell you THE one place to go – if you want the best that is – Stuart K. Robinson - The premiere Commercial Coach for Actors in Los Angeles –  go ahead … ask around:) 

Stuart K. Robinson is to Commercial Coaching for Actors … What Xerox is to Photocopies …  and dare I say, the rest are just copies.  Mr. Stuart K Robinson, is more than a teacher but your guide and guru into the Commercial acting world in Hollywood.

Stuart K. Robinson - Your guide and guru into the Commercial acting world in Hollywood.

So who is StuartStuart a successful actor, starred in over 100 commercials before he turned to coaching … let’s just say he probably bought his house from being the “purple grape” in the Fruit of the Loom commercials.  Remember them?

He has been an actor, a musician, a director,  a casting director, a cinematographer, and now is the CEO in a highly respected Commercial Agency, Brady, Brannon & Rich in Los Angeles.

But  … why Stuart K. Robinson,  as a teacher?  First of all, he’s done it and was successful at it.  So the information you get is first hand and experiential.  Not only the technical or the theoretical … you get to see the business from every perspective in a language that you can understand. 


P - P - S - S - J - S - P : Stuart will teach you the secret language. Photographs by Amber Lee Abbott @

Mr. Robinson emphasizes the importance to fulfill the advertisers' need and thus book the job.  He shows you the importance of DIAGNOSIS – you have to understand what you are selling before you can CREATE and therefore EXECUTE.  So he drills into you: DIAGNOSIS - CREATION - EXECUTION.   And once you learn to DIAGNOSE the sell in the spot the rest gets clearer and hence easier for you to deliver the need, therefore giving you a better advantage for booking the job

Stuart loves to talk - sometimes it's as if he's channelling.

Stuart loves to talk, and it is wonderful to hear his pearls of wisdom and sometimes it’s as if he channels … it’s often enlightening, mostly entertaining, and always illuminating to hear him speak.  He is strangely humble and arrogant at the same time and that makes him rather likeable.  But what really makes him a very gifted teacher is that he has an instinctive knowledge of what you need to thrive as an artist and guides you that way.  It’s like a Chef knowing what spice is missing in your soup or like a Gardner knowing how much you need to be watered.  

Mr. Stuart K Robinson, is more than a teacher or coach but  your guide and guru into the Commercial acting world.  Didn’t you say you wanted to be a commercial actor in Los Angeles?  I bet even if you weren’t in Hollywood, and wanted this man’s advice – if you asked him he’d give it to you – and he’d be kind about it!  

If you can ... stop by and meet him – and I bet you’ll say “Charlotte Pehnmore told me so!”.


For more information visit: Stuart K. Robinson's website 

And Follow Stuart on Twitter: @stuartkcreative 


Your trusted friend,


Charlotte Pehnmore

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