Spectre Movie Review – Everything You Expect from James Bond and More

Spectre wastes little time throwing James Bond (Daniel Craig) into chaos as he is in Mexico City appropriately on Day of the Dead. While the action never slows down, this James Bond movie is just as much about the introspective Bond as it is explosions - which there are plenty.

Daniel Craig in Mexico City (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

Since Craig took over the role of James Bond, he certainly has brought his own style and created a character that came across, according to M (Judi Dench), "A blunt object," but you knew deep down there was something hidden that he did a marvelous job burying while still allowing just moments of his true identity to escape.

Day of the Dead Mexico City (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

Spectre has Bond teaming up with a cast of characters that as usual, are trying to take down a group bent on world domination. The story is woven with in such a way that you are on the edge of your seat, not only waiting for the villain to show himself, but also for you to finally get a glimpse at Bond before he was 007. Christopher Waltz as Franz Oberhauser is perfect as that villain. His character brings the saga of Bond full circle and, as he says himself, "It was me, James. The author of all your pain.” Oberhauser takes evilness into the present with a technology based diabolicalness that threatens everyone on the planet.

Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

In Spectre Craig is teamed up with the beautiful Léa Seydoux who plays Madeline Swann, another character with lineage to Bond's past. Swann wants little to do with Bond and her powerful character is just the female that has the ability to question Bond and she does in every possible making him ponder his choices until the very end. Swann asks Bond about choosing to be a killer, being alone, hunted and being hunted and he responds, “I don't stop to think about it.”

Léa Seydoux (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

While mainly paired with Swann throughout, the background characters of M (Ralph Fiennes), Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw) who were all intrical in helping Bond to save the day. This group forced Bond to show a more human side and the scenes with Q were some of the best in the movie, great chemistry between the two actors.

Ralph Fiennes as M (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

Every actor becomes their character and that is what makes this movie, you never feel any sense of lacking from Craig, all the way to the assistant of Oberhauser. If you ever wanted an evil bad-ass to just pummel the entire cast, Hinx (Dave Bautista) was that character. What do you expect when you go to a movie theater? To be entertained, plain and simple. Does Spectre do that? Yes, in spectacular fashion.

The meeting of Spectre (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

James Bond movies always take you on a scenic tour of wide-range and stunning spots worldwide and Spectre did not disappoint. From the opening scene in Mexico City to Tangier, Austria and Rome, 007 was racking up the frequent flyer miles in this blockbuster.

Daniel Craig (Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.)

Spectre ends in a way that might be fitting as a sendoff for Craig who depending on who you talk to is either done with being Bond or is being shown the door. Hopefully he does come back because there certainly is room for another movie; you are going to have to decide for yourself when you see Spectre. Hopefully we do get another movie from Craig, because if there is one thing that he is, it is James Bond.

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