Spare Parts- A Film About Persistence, Compassion and Team Work


Based on a true story, Sean McNamara of Brookwell -McNamara, has again directed a winner.  Based on the article written by Joshua Davis and the script by Elissa Matsueda , the film was produced by David Alpert, Rick Jacobs, Leslie Kolins Small,  Ben Odell, Jennifer Booth and co-produced by Ron Bass, the picture was done in association with Pantelion, Circle of Confusion and Groupo Telvisa, and Lions Gate Entertainment. 


Spare Parts - A Film About Team Work

Spare Parts, PG-13, available now in select theatres, warms your heart with the story of four Hispanic young men from the barrio and their determined substitute teacher as they struggle through the broken system of scholarship and immigration as they meld together to form a winning team.   


Spare Parts

Wanting to very much serve his country, but because of his illegal status is denied,  one young man who is still determined to get ahead. He coerces three of his fellow students - all with their own desperate stories of survival - and  George Lopez, their  disgruntled substitute teacher, to help him design an entry for the international robotics competition. Winning the contest will not only give him and his three companions credibility, but a way to get ahead and prove to themselves, society, and their families that just being part of the minority does not mean they are losers.


Spare Parts Cast and Crew

Creating what they need for their robot from scraps and left over parts, the four make their way to the competition site.  Here it's decided that they will not only go up against other high school teams, but that they will face the college elite, which includes the former winners from M.I.T.  Despite their challenges from the immigration authorities,  the boys overcome their obstacles and learn not only about themselves but about the importance of team work and giving. 


Spare Parts

 Stars include George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marisa Tomei, Alexa Vega, Carlos Pena, Jr., David Del Rio, Jose Julian, Oscar Gutierrez, Alessandro Rosaldo,  and Esai Morales while Robb Wilson King did the production design, and Jonathan McHugh did the music along with Andres Levin. 


A feel good movie, it's worth your while to watch and for the message of hope and persistence, maybe buy it for your collection.   It takes a team to build a team.  

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