Seven Lovers: A Love Story & Cinematic Treat

An unforgettable, cinematic treat comes to us just in time for summer in the beautifully-written, thought-provoking independent film Seven Lovers. The movie, written and directed by the award-winning Keith Boynton, tells the story of librarian and jazz club singer Laura as she journeys through the trials and tribulations of finding love in New York City. The film weaves in and out of seven very different and distinct relationships while presenting each of Laura’s relationships in a different film genre. Throughout the movie we see Laura’s personality and demeanor grow and change with each of her different lovers. As a viewer, we see seven distinct pieces of a story evolve and come together within one cohesive story in the end.


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Telling not just one love story, but seven unique ones in one movie is a feat for any writer and director. Not to mention the movie was shot is just 18 days, which is a feat in and of itself. Boynton remarked on how the movie came about, noting that the idea for the movie was one he’d had in mind for quite some time. “I’ve had the basic premise and the title in my head for a long time, but that was as far as I'd gotten. I kept getting hung up on the question of what seven styles or genres I could tackle; animation and movie-musical seemed like obvious options, but after that things got murky.  One day I was out at lunch with a friend and I happened to mention this idea I'd been kicking around for a while: a movie where a young woman's struggle with identity and relationships would be expressed using this very eclectic approach to genre. She said "You have to write that."  So I sat down to write without really knowing what seven styles I was going to end up including, and I just kind of let the script unfold the way it wanted to.”


Playing the title character of Laura is Erin Darke, who perfectly delivers an outstanding performance that will have you both sympathizing with Laura and routing for her along the way. In playing the character, Darke says she resonated with Laura’s sense of growth and self-discovery with every different relationship. “In playing this role, I went back to different relationships in my own life. Getting to know yourself and what you are about is so important as we experience different relationships. I think Laura’s growth as a person throughout the movie is what many of us can relate to as we reflect upon our own past relationships.”


Boynton himself has a view of who Laura is. “Hopefully she's too well-rounded a character to fully represent any one thing – and of course, every audience member will have a unique take on who she is as a character – but to me she kind of stands for hope, openness and vulnerability. Those are qualities that the world tends to trample on, but that it also – ultimately – usually finds a way to reward.” When asked what he hopes for Laura in the end, he says, “I think happiness has to be found over and over in a person's life, but I have high hopes for Laura. She's been burned and a little traumatized, but she hasn't allowed herself to become cynical, which is more or less the only way to be conclusively defeated.”


In the end, Seven Lovers is a story of love, self-discovery, growth, and in the words of Boynton, ultimately, a sense of possibility. Great acting, beautiful cinematography, poignant writing, superb casting and an overwhelming quality of realness only add to the significance of this film. 

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