Sergio Kyre Estes

I can only write and talk about people or things that are making a difference in our daily lives. When some people sleep, beings like Sergio and his crew are creating and discovering information for us to share with the world when we wake up. I consider these the true artists.   

Meet Sergio Kyre Estes, founder of Examine Colab

What is your background story and how you end up in Los Angeles California?

Well, I was born in Newport News, VA. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Film and Television Production. I ended up in Los Angeles a few years back on my quest to enter the film industry.


Upon Sergio’s graduation, he traveled and worked freelance for various companies and organizations, gaining hands on experience in the entertainment industry and sharpening his own artistic vision. During this time, he became more active in a variety of other disciplines while searching for a deeper understanding of the human experience. In turn, this lead him to developing an independent production company with the intention of discovering and projecting restored consciousness through the arts. Estes continues to work as a multimedia artist within the entertainment industry and continues to pursue his ultimate goal of writing, directing and producing feature films.   

Describe your purpose and responsibilities as a producer, director and founder of Examine Colab?

As Producer, Director and Founder of Examine Colab my purpose is to create a platform for eye opening content directed to the public to raise awareness and become a part of the solution. It is my responsibility to share empowering information and use my gifts to change lives and share my vision with the world. 







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