'Sensoria' (2015) World Premiere at Fantastic Fest.- Review and Exclusive Interview

“Every apartment has a past…‘Sensoria' follows Caroline, a woman in her late thirties, who has lost everything she cares for in the world. In the search for a new beginning, she moves into an old apartment and quickly begins to realize that she is not as alone as she thought she was. ‘Sensoria” is a modern psychological thriller with a Scandinavian sensibility.”

(Psychological-Thriller, Drama, Horror, Supernatural)

The story behind the Swedish thriller portrays a palpable and explicit theme about loneliness and loss from the characters in ‘Sensoria.’ The characters have lost something or someone; Caroline (Lanna Ohlsson) lost her child in a miscarriage and also left behind the dream of building a family. (My) the little girl played by the young actress Norah Andersen has lost her family and she finds herself trapped as a child all alone in a child’s body inside an apartment with dark secrets. The people in the building are dreadful and somehow unpleasant to Caroline, and the building seems to hide the most nightmarish secrets. The narrative of the story is surrounded by a spooky and spine chilling graphic scenes with ethereal beings that will disturb your senses.

The story develops at the beginning with a slow pace which is very artful during the initial development of the movie and soon after picks up with exceptional supernatural phenomenons and an intriguing outcome.

We all have fear of the unknown, we don’t know what comes after death. We don’t know what’s making that noise in the other room, darkness could be hiding anything and you don’t understand you will feel fear.  The fear in ‘Sensoria’ is just perfect because has been built up gradually. The audience will take a journey from the safety of their own world to the nightmare of the characters.

'Sensoria' was shot in in Malmo, Sweden with Director/Writer/Producer Christian Hallman and his writing partner Måns F.G.Sensoria’ is the directorial narrative feature film debut for writer/director/producer/editor Christian Hallman.

Yenis Monterrey Exclusive interview with Director Christian Hallman, co-writer Mans Thunberg and cast Noah Andersen

Yenis monterrey.- How did you picture the ideal setting for ‘Sensoria’?

Christian Hallman The journey of 'Sensoria' began during spring 2 and half years ago (2013). My partner and I sat down and talked about focusing in something that we know we could finance. We are into horror genre films, and ‘Sensoria’ is a psychological thriller.

Yenis Monterrey.-How you both collaborate during  the creation of the characters in 'Sensoria'?

Måns F.G. Thunberg It’s funny because when Christian and I created the characters we often acted out the scenes and Christian and I have the same background and the same influences, but sometimes in the process of writing Christian wants to go right and I want to go left, but we listen very well our point of views in the creative process.

Christian Hallman We brainstorm all the characters, we have written four script together and we are very happy with it.

My experience as Director is that I have been directing TV series in Sweden for the past 10 years.  I have also directed several shorts and a lot of commercials.

Yenis Monterrey.- How has been your experience in Fantastic Fest (2015)?

Christian Hallman The experience in Fantastic Fest has been amazing and we had our world premiere here in Austin, TX.

Yenis Monterrey.-What’s next for 'Sensoria' in the world of Festival Circuits?

Christian Hallman.-We have been selected in official selection for 8 festivals which is amazing because the movie hasn’t been out yet. We will have our Spanish premiere at Fancine in Malaga, we will have the Latin American premiere in Mexico at the Morbido Film Fest and the european premiere will be at Lund International Fantastic Film Festival and there are four more to be announced.

Yenis Monterrey.- After watching the film one of the scene that really creeped me out was the scene on the bed with the actress Lanna Ohlsson, can you tell me briefly about the techniques used with the hands surrounding the body of Caroline around her bed,  and the meaning?

The scene with the hands was writtern differently, the scene looks erotic, but it isn’t erotic. Instead, it’s scary and of course with the psychological aspect of it and the feelings of the character (Caroline), all the effects in the movie are through the camera lens. The only digital effects were some faces or enhancement, and on the exterior of the buildings, we took signs away.

The meaning in the story of the movie could be different for everyone and you may find your own story there. The movie is about loneliness and My (the little girl) is lonely, but the movie is also about belonging.  The girl doesn’t kill the women in the past, she just take the women to a place between life and death, but unfortunately she gets bored of the women and she kind of forgets about them.

The film covers everything sensory (visual, tactile, sonic, etc) and everything that surrounds us in our sensory system, for example the blind man smells and feels, Johan the neighbor upstairs has been written to be the missing man that has been in Caroline’s life, but there is something in him that is good, but mainly he is the sexual male predator and he has a strong resemblance to Caroline’s ex. Caroline has a baggage she lost a child in the past, but in the film we don’t go into details about her dark past.

Yenis Monterrey.- How was the process of the casting for the roles?

Most of the supporting cast are actors whom Christian had worked with before in some  other productions. The hardest parts to cast for ‘Sensoria’ were the two leading characters Caroline and My. The difficulty with casting My, the little girl was to find someone at a young age who can actually act and carry a film with strong and painful scenes. The character of My needed to be sweet and charming, but also have a darker side to her. After searching for a few months we finally found Norah Andersen.  

Yenis Monterrey.- Norah was it hard for you to perform as an apparition? You were carrying hard scenes, were the scenes in the water very challenging for you?

Norah Andersen.- I was 9 years old  when I performed now I’m 12. The scene in the water was challenging, but I felt safe with all the crew, director and my mom (Anette Andersen) was there to support me (Norah has always had an interest and fascination with acting, and pursued every chance she got)

A week prior to the Berlin Film Festival, Christian and his team released the first teaser for ‘Sensoria,’ and it premiered on Twitch, the premiere genre film site on the Internet and instantly became notorious.  Cannes 108 Media came onboard as the international sales agent as well as handling North American distribution. Scandinavian distribution was secured for ‘Sensoria’ even before filming began. In mid June 2015 the trailer was released.

The re-recording mixing was done in Malmo, Sweden in August of 2015, ‘Sensoria’ was finished in September 2015 and had the world premiere in Austin, TX at the Fantastic Fest (2015) on Sunday September 27th 2015.

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