Saving America's Horses: A Holocaust of Horses



The kids at the camp, returning for a second year, would be surprised that none of the gentle mares who they had ridden and taken care of the summer before, were there.  Instead, a new crop of horses had arrived.  The owners, not wanting to pay for the winter boarding care, had sent the original horses to auction and, unknowingly, to slaughter. 


Saving America's Horses: At the races

What's Your Wish, born and trained to be a racer, and lauded by his owners when he won titles and did well, found himself pushed haerder until he could no longer keep up.  After several years of racing, he slowered and didn't perform as well.  His owners, not knowning what his fate would be, sent Wish away. 

Countless racehorses are shipped for slaughter, crammed on trucks for days without food or water after being sold at auciton for the foreign delicacy of "horsemeat."  There is no painless euthanized death for horses like Wish. They are whipped, dragged, dismembered and hung to bleed out. 


Saving America's Horses:owner and special friend

Imagine family pet ponies, objects of affection for their young owners, winding up in the wrong hands.  All too often horses sold by their loving owners think they are are sending them to good homes, not realizing the new owerns are kill buyers and sending their horses to an agonizing death. 


Most people don't realize it but horses from all breeds and all functions -- be they racers, pets, draft horses and wild horses - end up in the concentration like camp auction where they are sold to the slaughter house not necessarily because they are unwanted, but because the owners have no knowledge of what really is happening to their  animals.  70% of the annual thoroughbreed crop, even though they are young and healthy , end up in the slaughter farms.   Even a jockey, who had ridden for 35 years, had no knowledge of what happened to the horses when they disappeared. 


Saving America's Hoses: Bing Bush and Katia Louise, filmmaker

Right now thousands of America's horses continue to suffer on US soil. These are not just the wild Mustangs, who are hearded by helicopters across lava fields and crammed into trailers, but our loved pets and friends.  Many of these horses have helped heal handicap kids and brought grief stricken people back to their own sanity. 


The Bureau of Land Management would like us to believe that only the wild horses - of which there really are only a few left - create such a problem for the farmers and the livestock when in fact, they are bought and sold by the bigger companies and miners wanting to destroy the land.  In fact, scientific data shows wild horses restore the lands deciminated by livestock. Michael Blake, author of Dances With Wolves,  himself, toured the area and found falsifications in their claims.   "There are no unmanageable surplus horses."


Saving America's Horses

Until recently, there were three slaughter houses operating here in the United States.  These companies, run by Belgium overlords, were here for the sole purpose of selling the horsemeat overseas.  It costs American taxpayers $5,000,000 (five million) for every year that we subsidize these foreign owned slaughter houses.  Ironically, the meat, considered a specialty in Europe, presents a health risk for humans because of the many carcunigenuc and other harmful drugs (known to be leathal to humans)  which these competition and working horses are given on a routine basis. 


Saving America's Horses: Disney Kids supporting the cause


Since these have been stopped, temporarily,  our forlorn four legged friends have been shipped north to Canada or south to Mexico to meet their untimely death.   Foreign and special interests are once again pushing to pass bills that will legalize horse slaughter in several states despite the pending federal legistation to prevent this.    SB 1176 and HR 2966 will stop the slaughter of our American horses,  while SB 1281, and HR 7 will ensure safe transport for the horses and effectively ban the use of double decker trailers for transporting horses in America. 


Become informed and join the millions of horse lovers and community members in opposing the slaughter.   The federal ban on slaughter will cause horse owners to treat their animals more responsible and help them to understand that, if they do have the euthanize a horse, the cost is less than a month's feed. 

SAving America's Horses: Katia Louise

Winner of numerous awards, this film exposes the lies that we are being told about the wild Mustangs and about the domestic horse industry.  Outstanding footage, and expert testimony exposes the legal, ethical, economic and humane issues of these glorious creatures. 

Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed, documented and written  by filmmaker Katia Louise  and assisted by Debra Lopez and Nancy Stanley, also had Paul Sorvino, Linda Gray, Tippi Hendren, Ken Wahl, Peter Max, Shane and Sia Barbi,  and Willie Nelson, among others.   Produced by IMA Studios and Humanion Films and presented by the Wild For Life Foundation and The Triumph Project commenced its Los Angles theatrical run at Laemmle's Pasadena Playhouse 7 (673 Colorado, Pasadena.)  The film shows daily until November 29th at 1 pm and 3:15 pm.  It will have it's grand opening in NYC Dec 7th, 2012 and then return to Los Angeles. 


Saving America's Horses

For more information or to make  a 501c3 tax donation, please go to  or call 310 439 9817

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