Sanjini's Action Film "Eye of the Empress" - Dazzles with Sexy Scenes and Bad Gangsters as Skylar is on a Quest to find the Empress Diamond

Sanjini is an actress, writer, producer and martial artist.



Eye of the Empress Movie Poster (created by Ruben Magos)

Eye of the Empress: The Gangsters is Part 3 of the adventure quest of Skylar’s (action heroine played by Sanjini) quest to find the Empress Diamond which has magical powers.



Skylar has escaped El Chico Malo’s warehouse headquarters and is now relaxing in a hot tub with two sexy men played by …….   James Bond has his women and Skylar also has her harem of men for entertainment! Skylar’s weakness is men and sex. Later on in the episode, Skylar is embroiled in a bedroom scene with a sexy carpenter named Brock, played by handsome Nicholas Popov. Brock is sent by El Chico Malo as bait and attempts to choke Skylar to death after they have had a night of passion. Skylar is saved by lead actor, Max Holt, played by Monte Stone who comes in to rescue her and shoots Brock to death. Max Holt is accompanied by his assistant, Cody Spark, played by Danny Mika.

Sklar (played by Sanjini) and Brock (played by Nicolas Popov) - photo credit Matt Quinn

The Gangsters are also introduced in Part 3. Just like the Good, Bad and the Ugly – the trinity is also showcased in Eye of the Empress. Boris Oxnard, played by Jes Selane is the Ugly, El Chico Malo, played by David Saucedo is the Bad and of course action heroine, Skylar is the Good. Lead actor, Max Holt is Boris Oxnard’s accomplice but is often torn between being good and bad. Max worked as an agent with Skylar in the past and is in conflict between his allegiance and friendship with Boris and Skylar respectively. Max is now a mercenary.

Max Holt (played by Monte Stone), Boris Oxnard (played by Jes Selane) and Gangster Gato - photo credit Sanjini

Skylar is The Good and is the lead action heroine with pretty eyes, an adventurous spirit and is on a quest to find a family heirloom called the Empress DiamondEl Chico Malo is The Bad and is a ruthless, unfeeling gangster who can go as far as killing a young boy for opening a piece of his mail and then going off to church to pray because he is a “devout Catholic”. Boris Oxnard is The Ugly and is a burly, unsophisticated thug who is irritated by a whining cat and shoots it dead while is he eating ribs and drinking Jack Daniels with his uncouth manners and is barbarian-like.   

El Chico Malo (played by David Saucedo) and Viviana (played by Stefania Marcone) - photo credit Sanjini

Boris Oxnard (played by Jes Selane) - photo credit Sanjini

Eye o f the Empress is an adventure quest journey story shot in the style of  Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns and Robert Rodriguez’s ”Once Upon a Time in Mexico”.

El Chico Malo’s weakness is tacos and food. This will later play a big part in Part – The Fight Club. El Chico Malo, played by David Saucedo is sitting in his tacky limousine with his entourage of bad thugs and martial arts fighters. Tar, is played by Willie Wright and Charcoal is played by Chris Anthony. El Chico Malo’s girlfriend, Viviana played by Stefania Marcone is also in the limousine scene. Luis, played by Maurilio Rodriguez is the young boy who delivers mail to El Chico Malo.

Tar (played by Willie Wright) - photo credit Sanjini

Mercado,Tar (played by Willie Wright) and Charcoal (played by Chris Anthony) - photo credit Sanjini

Mercado,Tar (played by Willie Wright) and Charcoal (played by Chris Anthony) - hanging out in the limousine - photo credit Sanjini

Max Holt, played by Monte Stone is in a Mexican restaurant with Skylar, played by Sanjini. He roughs her up a bit because she will not give him more information about the Empress Diamond. Boris tells Max to seduce Skylar to find out the inner powers of the Empress Diamond. Gabriel Garcia did a good job playing the waiter.

Sanjini and Monte Stone on the set - photo credit James Sandor

Waiter (played by Gabriel Garcia) - photo credit Sanjini

These are events leading up to the El Chico Malo’s big Fight Club. The Eye of the Empress movie poster was designed by Ruben Magos Jr. (www. who is an independent freelance artist. Ruben added color and spice to the movie poster. Dr. Brian King shot the photos of the actors for the movie poster ( Two expert cinematographers shot the scenes with a Red camera and Red Dragon cameraGareth Taylor and Dave Summers.  

Luis (played by Maurilio Rodriguez) - photo credit Sanjini

Chris Anthony was an excellent First Assistant Director and kept everything on schedule. William Robinson-Smith did an amazing job as the Editor and Sound Designer. Producer Janet Cho made the production of this episode possible with her assistance. Thanks to Dane Heathcock for being an excellent Associate Producer. Dane Heathcock provided Gangster Gato – the animatronics cat used in the scene with Boris Oxnard and Max Holt. Boris shoots Gangster Gato in this scene. T.J.Yoshizaki’s  Baseline Productions provided the  crew and equipment. T.J. Yoshizaki also did a great job as the Sound MixerProduction Assistants Mika Santoh and Mike Brooks worked hard and efficiently. Special thanks Alfredo Garcia’s Restaurant and to Gabriel Garcia and Rafael Solorzano.

Alfredo Garica's - photo credit Sanjini

Shot somewhere in Mexico


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