Sanjini Bhakta's Action Film "Eye of the Empress" Part 2 - Continues the Story

Sanjini is an Actress, Producer, Writer and Martial Artist

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Eye of the Empress: The Great Escape is a riveting action film about an action heroine named Skylar and lead male action hero, Max Holtz on a quest to find the Empress diamond. They are embroiled in fight scenes and a gun chase with El Chico Malo and his henchman before the great escape.  




Eye of the Empress: The Great Escape continues the story of Skylar and her quest to find the Empress diamond. In Part One, Skylar fails to get the Empress diamond and is captured.

Eye of the Empress - Part 1

In Part Two of the story, Skylar is in a dark cell with a rat actor named Korben Dallas. Dane Heathcock who also plays a bad guy henchman, Saul is also the owner of “the rat” and pet wrangler.


Dane Heathcock and Sanjini

The male lead protagonist is introduced – Max Holtz is searching for Skylar who has been missing for 24 hours. His young accomplice, Smart Aleck, played by Ian C. Glover is trying to track Skylar and her IPHONE on his IPAD.

Ian C. Glover

Max Holtz

Max Holtz

At the same time, El Chico Malo, played by David Saucedo and Valdivia, played by Luis Mercado are exploring the power of the Empress diamond. Stephania Marcone plays the sexy girlfriend.

David Saucedo as El Chico Malo

David Saucedo, Stephania, Sanjini, Sameer

Luis Mercado

Luis Mercado

Luis Mercado and Sanjini

Skylar is served a disgusting soup with a rat’s tail in it by a stocky guy named Oso Gordo, played by Steven Russell (Cooper) Anderson.  Cooper gives a “disgusting” performance with his over-weight belly on display, a missing front tooth, food stained clothes and a theatrical performance by a trained actor that makes you not want him as your jailor/cook to serve you! Skylar manages to strangle Oso Gordo.      

Cooper Andersen as Oso Gordo

Cooper Andersen and Sanjini

Mehmet Yildrim, David Saucedo and Luis Mercado

Max, with the aid of a nun manages to help Skylar escape. Max approaches the outside of El Chico Malo’s warehouse area. El Chico Malo is in a line-up with his bad guy henchman – Roberto (played by Mehmet Yildrim), Asphalt (played by Bohnannon Orr) and Valdivia (Luis Mercado).   

Sameer Bhavani (First AD), Bohannon Orr, David Saucedo, Luis Mercado

Bohannon Orr and David Saucedo

Luis Mercado

The fight begins!  Mehmet Yildrim plays an excellent tough guy henchman who gets gunned down by Max. Max Holtz  then fights Valdivia (Luis Mercado). Both actors have excellent fighting skills and athletic abilities.  Max manages to wring Valdivia’s neck.

Luis Mercado and Max

Luis Mercado

Mehmet Yildrim

Meanwhile, Skylar is involved in a fight with Asphalt (Bohannon Orr) who is an excellent martial artist and is proficient in Chinese Dragon Kung Fu. Bohannon Orr was the Fight Choreographer.   

Bohannon Orr flying in the air and Sanjini

Bohannon Orr

Bohannon Orr

The cinematic quality of the film and beautiful shots were done by the very talented Director of Photography and Cinematographer – Armin Balg. Armin shot the film with his Red One MV camera. His professional and creative abilities added a gorgeous visual style to the film - similar to Robert Rodriguez’s “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” and Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns. The lighting and photography of every shot is superb!

Armin Balg - Cinematographer

T.J. Yoshizaki and his Baseline Productions provided the equipment and crew for the production.

Sameer Bhavani was an excellent First Assistant Director who came in last minute to save the day. He managed to help facilitate the production and keep everyone on schedule.

Armin Balg and Sameer Bhavani

Kevin Clay was Associate Producer who helped organize casting the rat (Korben Dallas), updated the script, created scene breakdowns, contacted crew members, ordered props, etc.

Janet Cho was the Art Director and she has a keen eye for detail.

Janet Cho

Sanjini and Janet Cho

For Post Production, Edward Hernandez was the sleek and edgy Editor, Sound Designer and did the VFX.

Kilyoung Baek created three amazing VFX and 3D shots – the gun breaking, the cell phone breaking and the google map on the IPAD.

Dan Clancy created the poster for the film with his excellent Graphic Design skills.

Special thanks go to Russ Andrade who provided the location. Also, to Adrian Huerta who again provided El Chico Malo’s chair. Also, thanks to Mehmet Yildrim for providing the black Range Rover for the film. Thanks to United Studios of Self Defense and in particular to Sensei Jason Assayag, Master Neal and Cynthia Rothrock for holding my auditions for the actors and martial artists. Thanks to Ji Yong Lee for filming the audition.      

A special memory tribute goes to Mr. Shadow (a cute rat) who passed away just before his debut as an actor in the film. Also, a special memory tribute to Korbin Dallas (rat who starred in my movie) who passed away as well.  

Late Mr. Shadow

late Korben Dallas




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