Robert Rodriguez's Museum Featured Frank Frazetta Masterpieces. SXSW 2015

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The multifaceted Robert Rodriguez is a creative and visionary artist who has been empowering new generations of aspiring filmmakers with his original approach to creativity.  He is a film director, scriptwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor cartoonist, and musician.  He also launched his own cable TV channel “El Rey” in Austin, TX. He performed onstage with his band— “Chingon” at the Doug Sahm Tribute Concert during SXSW 2015 at the Paramount Theatre on March 21, where he performed the song “Hey Baby, Que Paso” and transformed the cheerful sing-along into a sweeping cinematic soundtrack during the memorable evening. On top of this at the SXSW festival Rodriguez participated as a speaker at the SXAméricas conference on Tuesday, March 17th on the topic of:  How to engage Latinos users and convert them into loyal TV viewers through authentic and compelling content.  Simultaneously he unveiled a gallery of  the versatile, prolific, and legendary collection of art from the iconic artist and visual storyteller Frank Frazetta.  The gallery was open to the public during SXSW from Saturday, March 14th - Saturday, March 21st.

Robert Rodriguez's Museum Featuring Frank Frazetta Masterpieces.

Robert Rodriguez presented a curated collection of original art, including twelve masterworks including paintings of Conan The Barbarian and Death Dealer. Frazetta is considered to be one of the most influential fantasy artists in history, where he brought to life the primal emotions of mankind by evoking fictional characters, portraying powerful heroes, and bringing to life voluptuous heroines characterized with the most ethereal eroticism and dangerous sensuality.  Heroic archetypes where fantasy, horror, and nightmare transcend his paintings and illustrations as the art of a warrior.  On display were images of slithering demons, axe-wielding barbarians, sensuous warrior women, and classic fiction works such a Conan, Tarzan, and the John Carter of Mars series that flew off  bookshelves in the Sixties and Seventies.  Robert Rodriguez commissioned Frazetta in 1996 to create his poster of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” and Frazetta artwork has been a powerful influence in his work and he will be featuring Frank Frazetta’s artwork in his upcoming film "FIRE and ICE."

The gallery also featured an original Sin City masterpiece by Frank Miller, original art by Drew Struzan including his rendering of Sylvester Stallone for the movie poster First Blood, and original poster art for The Thing.  Also shown were original paintings by New Pop Art master Sebastian Kruger including hyper real paintings of Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Danny Trejo. Besides paintings, bronzed art sculptures from Clete Shields were on exhibition.  Shields' work has been commissioned by Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, and Samuel L. Jackson.

In addition, the gallery featured original movie props from Rodriguez's films, painted portraits of characters from Rodriguez's films, and even of Rodriguez himself.  Also included in the collection are paintings by Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson, Lady Gaga, Bruce Willis, and Joseph Gordon Levitt. There was a wide selection of hand numbered giclée prints of Frazetta pieces photographed and printed by Robert Rodriguez available for purchase. Proceeds from the prints and merchandise benefited the preservation of Frank Frazetta's art.

Robert Rodriguez, along with the cooperation of the Frazetta family has been touring Frank Frazetta’s original art at Comic Con and Wizard Con in order to continue the wish of Frank Frazetta, a friend and collaborator of Robert's who always wanted audiences to see his paintings in person. The original Frazetta museum in upstate New York closed after the passing of Frank Frazetta in 2010. The new Rodriguez museum features other world class artists who Robert has also worked with and studied under over the years. The museum also includes art that he's collected himself and others that are on exclusive loan for this event. The Frank Frazetta Collection has an unprecedented amount of original masterpieces including Death Dealer 2, Egyptian Queen, At the Earth's Core, Conan,  Man Ape and Dark Kingdom, and a rare original painting Frazetta did for the movie From Dusk Till Dawn among others that comprise 12 original masterpiece paintings total.

Death Dealer 2. FRANK FRAZETTA Artwork Courtesy

Earth Core. FRANK FRAZETTA Artwork Courtesy

Man Ape. FRANK FRAZETTA Artwork Courtesy

Robert Rodriguez said, "I'm extremely excited to host this very special event at South by Southwest, featuring mind-blowing art by my favorite artists and collaborators," —Robert Rodriguez. "It's the only place in the world where you can see original Frank Frazetta art, twelve masterpiece paintings total, alongside original art by Frank Miller, Drew Struzan, Sebastian Kruger and Clete Shields."

Frank Frazetta Original Artwork On Display:

Death Dealer 2

Conan Man Ape

At Earth’s Core

From Dusk Till Dawn

Fire and ICe

Dark Kingdom

Egyptian Queen


A Requiem for Sharks


Frank Frazetta Self Portrait

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