Road to the Well Film Review, How Deep Does Friendship Go?

The world premiere of Road to the Well was shown at the famed TCL theaters June 4th at 715pm hosted by the honorary Dances with Films Film Festival. Starring Laurence Fuller and Micah Parker, as the main lead characters, this intriguing thriller tests the waters of friendship, passion, and danger with a twist at the end.


Laurence Fuller, with his boyish good looks, takes the role to another level as he is a believable, capable promising actor with many layers. He thrust deep emotions of passion, love, and anger, all of which are a difficult range to pull off. Micah Parker possessed incredible screen charisma and approached the role with naturalism in every line and intention in his deep mysterious character. He executed a range of emotion and character from the concerned loving to a villainous serial killer. All casting was executed by veteran casting director Billy Damota that has never missed a beat about an actor and their ability to portray role appropriate characters in his 30+ years of Hollywood casting.


One of the most impressive aspects of the films was the detailed execution of the writer/director, Jon Cvack. In being his first full-length feature he has directed, he explains how the storyline comes from a parallel in his own personal life. The story is derived from the inspiration of deep loyalty and trust he has in his long-term friendship with one of the producers of the film. He makes excellent choices in the character logic in all his actors, story depth, the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist, and choice of storyboarded shots beautifully executed by cinematographer/producer Tim Davis.


One of the most memorable shots was the opening wide shot of the countryside. The cinematography was impeccable in the choice of balance, composition, the simplicity of trees and a lake set perfectly in the middle of the frame. The composition of the countryside was captivating immediately drawing the audience in to want to see more.


One of the underlying themes highlighted in this riveting film was how deep friendship can go in that what is one willing to sacrifice for loyalty. The witnessing of serial murders was the ultimate test of this mind-boggling friendship. What is one willing to do to sacrifice for a loved one? Engage in a blood lust of murders or turn their best friend into the police for a life sentence in prison? 


The edge of reason set in he is forced to murder his best friend to save the lives of others. At the end Frank(Laurence Fuller) finally takes the final blow against his murderous best friend Jack(Micah Parker) as he is forced to kill him to stop a bunch of tragic serial murders. This film is a must-see for anyone with a passion for thrillers and dramas.

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PRODUCERS: Jon Cvack, Tim Davis, Nick Mathews, Brittany White

CAST: Laurence Fuller, Micah Parker, Marshall R. Teague, Rosalie McIntire, Barak Hardley, Caitlin Gallogly

A drifter pays a visit to an old friend whose mundane life is upended after the two become involved in a seemingly random murder. The pair then embark on a strange and cerebral journey up to the Northern California Sierra in order to bury the body – meeting old friends, lost loves, backwoods bawds, and a suspicious ex-Military Chaplain, all while discovering how exactly the victim came to be killed.


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