Resident Evil: Extinction Review - Neither worth the time nor the money

Sometimes we have to decide if sequels are well worth the effort and time supposedly taken in their production instead of the monetary gains to be had based on the named franchise. After watching this movie, I have decided that the Resident Evil name should have stopped after just one.

A new and improved Alice?

Nothing more than a simple cash-in on the name, Extinction is a joyride of messy and nonsensical crap. You would think that Milla Jovovich would have by now decided to showcase her surprisingly versatile acting in more than just action vehicles but sadly I gather this is another one of those that provided a reliable salary. I can’t admit to having much of a positive outlook for this movie after the second one and I am glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed in that aspect. There were a few inevitable plot twisting moments such as when the main character discovered the pivotal role she played towards the plight of the entire world, but even that was nothing worth chewing on.

Savings themselves from being attacked

From the beginning, the audience is put on an unnecessarily noisy ride filled with cheap and over the top scares and gory moments. I figured that by this time the producers in Tinseltown would have tuned in to audience participation surveys that clearly demanded realism in movies they watch (at least in this reviewer’s self-filled survey). Suspension of disbelief can only exist when that disbelief does not result in jaw-dropping juvenile stupidity. I can only stomach so much inane on-screen activity before throwing my hands in the air with skepticism and rejection; hence demanding a portion or all of my money back.

Alice meets a group of survivors scavenging for necessities

The plot goes: Alice (Jovovich) is in search of that one place which had not been touched by the infection caused by the T-virus. In the process she encounters a group of survivors led by the beautiful Claire, played by Ali Larter. She unwittingly and mistakenly helps them out through her own accidental brand of divine intervention but alas, in the process is re-discovered by the vile doctor that had turned her into the psychically mutated being that she is. A slight twist ensues in the discovery of those powers – lo and behold, Alice has been blessed with the power of telekinesis through a former scientific experiment led by said doctor. If that does not grip you like a noose around the neck, then stay tuned till the end of the movie when it is revealed that (spoiler alert) Alice had been cloned. Gasp! More of Milla I can stomach I thought, but more of the movie… I felt an indescribable churning form from deep within.

Overall production values were somewhat subpar. The makeup was entirely laughable and dismissable – dogs dressed up to look unbelievably flayed and skinned and zombies that could not raise anyone’s adrenaline to anywhere near hair-raising. The special effects looked underbudgeted and it looked like money not well-spent. The action and fight scenes were also not what you would expect of this movie - choreography was lacking and creativity was missing.

I’d like to think that I am a somewhat lenient and friendly reviewer. I love watching movies without having any predetermined expectations or notions based on trailers or word of mouth. I would usually leave the theater with a generally positive disposition and well-rounded idea of what to write for a certain movie’s review. Unfortunately, there is a rotten apple in any barrel and this seems to be that. Yikes! Give me no more sequels please if they’re as bad as this.

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