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Red State
written and directed by Kevin Smith tours across North America on the official Red State: Fear God tour. Produced and sold to the filmmaker himself Kevin Smith takes his film out on tour for a series of one night stands, hoping to raise the necessary funding for the movie before its scheduled fall release date October 19, 2011.

The seats of the Cobb Gallery Energy Center of Atlanta fill up with Kevin Smith fans ready to see Smiths latest film Red State. On-stage Smith gives fans a brief introduction to the flick, ranging from the making of the movie to little tidbits about the filmmaker himself, arousing a wave of applause and laughter from the fans eager to see the film. After the audience is settled back into their seats, the lights are lowered and the red curtain draws back to reveal the opening credits.



Three midwestern boys venture out into the woods to, ( played by: Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and Nicholas Braun), in response to an on-line sex ad promising a rousing foursome for the three guys. In what seems to be a hot filled night of passion between the temptress Sarah, (played by Melissa Leo) and the three boys, quickly turns into drug induced kidnapping set up by the Five points gang. The boys wake up to find them selves on the floor of a chapel, caged and thrown at the mercy of the five points church members bent on punishing sinners.

Based off of Paster Fred Phelps and the Westboro church ( as mentioned in the film), Pastor Abin Cooper ( played by Micheal Parks) opens the scene with a gagged local gay man bonded to a cross. The man is executed by Cooper and his clan, signifying the beginning of the film.

When news of the hostages reaches the ATF enforcement, special agent Keenan (played by John Goodman) heads out with his team to investigate the Cooper headquarters. While at the compound the situation quickly gets out of control when the Cooper Clan refuses to comply with the agents and instead ensues in open gun fire. Relabeling the clan as terrorists, ATF agents are ordered to completely annihilate everyone at the Five Points Compound, including the hostages themselves.

The ending credits appear on-screen and an applause from the audience ensues when Smith reappears on-stage to finish the night off with a round of Q and A's. Highlighting the more humorous and even domestic trials of the production, Kevin answered all questions from the audience with a level of sincerity, that seemed to be genuine. The session ended with Kevin coming down offstage to meet his fan for the last question of the evening; giving all that was in attendence what seemed to be more personal side of the fimmaker himself.

Long monologues, clever dialogues, and sex jokes thrown here and there, with lots of gunfire, violence, and deaths all capped under an umbrella of extreme biased religious bigotry. Red State brings about a new kind of twist to its genre and that twist is faith. Most certainty a movie that can raise a reaction from any kind of viewer, making the film a truly thought provoking piece of art.


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