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Real Feel Reality Show

By Terry Akins

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Real Feel Reality Show

 Real Feel reality series follows the life adventures of the Real Feel Products Company, which asserts that it is in the top 5 in North American distribution. Drew, also known as Andrew Raymond balances his family, marriage and former marriage while hustling to stay on top of a cut throat industry.

Drew’s competitors are some of the biggest names in the world and are always trying to sabotage his success. No one in his industry ever thought he’d make it in the first place!  Drew lacks the higher education and money that his competitors have had for centuries but somehow, that does not stop him.

The show was filmed in Los Angeles, California by producer Julio Guerra, who has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and has collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the entertainment industry. Real Feel is ready to put the REAL in Reality TV.  Real people, Real comedy, Real life lessons, challenges and Real drama.

The cast includes:


Andrew Raymond (Real Feel Products President)

Andrew Raymond, known as “Drew,” worked 16-18 hour days, 7 days per week; through blood, sweat and tears he grew Real Feel Products into a multi-million dollar a year business. Drew approached Brian Requena (a colleague from a prior business) to fill a General Manager position.  Together, Drew and Brian took the company to even greater heights. 

Drew creates a great deal of opportunity so that his employees can provide for their families the way he provides for his and to top all off, he is a damn great boss. Professionally, he is known as an innovator and visionary.  However,


Jamie (Drew’s Wife)

Jamie is incredibly hyper active and can err on the side of obnoxious.  With attention deficient hyper disorder, her domestic skills could use some serious work.  Drew thinks she suffers from separation anxiety because of the excessive amount of times she calls him in a day.  These are just a few of the reasons Drew loves her. Jaimie manages to keep all the pieces of Drew’s personal life together in spite of the disarray.


Brian Requena  (Vice President)

Brian is the consummate professional. He is incredibly hardworking, dedicated to his craft and has been quoted saying, “business is his paintbrush and money is his paint.” Brian may have a tough and crass exterior but on the inside he is a great big teddy bear. As Drew’s right hand man, he craftily dodges the darts thrown at him by Real Feel’s competitors. Sometimes he has to works harder than Drew to ensure that Real Feel stays on the top of the industry.


Ida Feshangchi (The Ex-Wife)

Ida is Drew’s ex-wife and mother of Drew’s two older daughters. She is a world-class chef and self-proclaimed gypsy-hippie. Anywhere you see Drew, Jaime and the girls you will most likely find Ida. Ida was invited to join the Real Feel Company after Drew’s wife Jaime fell in love with her girls and insisted the Drew’s daughters would be better off if their mom had a stable job with HIS Company!

his goals are heartfelt. They are to be a great father, husband, friend, son & brother.  


Connie Buonarati (Accountant)

Honest, loyal, loving and protective, Connie, is the consummate mother figure at Real Feel Company.  She is someone who is loved and feared at the same time.  When things at the office don’t work out, you’d better watch out for Connie!  When Drew says “Get them to Connie,” it means that the no-nonsense situation will be dealt with in Connie’s direct manner.


Tony Martinez (Warehouse Manager)

Tony manages the warehouse at Real Feel and is known as the “go-to guy.” Tony is an ex-army ranger, he handled security at a local Mexican restaurant. He brings his “expertise” to the company and is a force to contend with.

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Published on Aug 24, 2014

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