Raze Movie Screening starring Zoe Bell: The Jewel Wrap Up

I had the chance to attend the screening of the new hot chick flick RAZE starring amazing stunt women Zoe Bell. This movie was fantastic. This female Fight Club type movie was a good watch. This movie had everything you would want in a movie. A great Plot, action, some amazing fight scene's and great ending.Directed by Josh Waller this hardcore chick flick. Raised the bar for anyone that wants to do a all girl fight movie.

RAZE is a horror/action film focused on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.The movie is about female's kidnapped and taken to a prison where you fight to the death or die trying. The only way out is to Win. I found myself really enjoying this movie. The lead actress Zoe Bell was amazing, fearless and extremely fired up in this movie. Zoe's character Sabrina is one bad girl she was abducted and brought to a prison forced to fight for her life in order to save the life of her daughter she gave away for adoption years ago. In order to save her daughter from being killed by the masters of this fight club like compound Joseph and Elizabeth played by Sherilyn Fenn and Doug Jones. There were some great actors in this film. Even a gest cameo from Rosario Dawson as one of the fighters.

Rosario Dawson made a cameo as a fighter in RAZE

Like in every movie there is always a part that excites you the most. My favorite part of the movie was watching relationships grow between these girls that would soon have to kill each other in order to survive. To see a friendship build with women under such crazy circumstances really made the movie. There was a few particular relationships that really made the movie and watching them have to eventually fight each other to the death was hard to watch. Although there was one particular fight that you couldnt wait to see happen.

Zoe Bell played a fantastic role

A fued that had been building since the movie started. Between Sabrina played by Zoe Bell and Phoebe played by Rebecca Marshall. Phoebe was one of those girls in the movie that loved to fight, patronizing everybody and intimidating the other women. Phoebe had a thirst to kill any girl she had to in order to survive. Through all that there was one person that wasnt even a tiny bit intimidated by her. In fact the more Phoebe talked the more upset Sabrina got.By the time it came down to the final fight. What would the movie be if they didnt make it between the two. And boy was it a fight! Sabrina made sure that she saved the best for last. Her fight with Phoebe made the movie. Hands down one of the best female fight scenes I had ever seen.

A true fight to the death

RAZE is a must see film


I love Raze. I definately will say it was one of those movies that we need more of. There is very rarely that you see female fight movies.Zoe Bell is one fierce women.After chatting her and learning a little about her. She is a very well grounded women. Being the stunt women in huge films like Kill Bill with Uma Therman numerous other films.Zoe told me how she has been kickboxing along with other fight training all her life. She has a great personality and attitude about life. She is very down to earth.With a great sense of humor. You wouldnt think after playing such a serious role. Zoe is quite funny. 

Go to the IMB website to learn more on the movie RAZE. RAZE is also playing in select theaters in the Los Angeles area. So be sure to go and see this exciting new hardcore it flick starring the talented and beautiful Zoe Bell.

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