Phillip Phillips is the New American Idol - A True, Original Artist Emerges

The new American Idol is Phillip Phillips.  I can breathe now.  He sings, he cries, he stands his ground.  He is one of a kind, not a follower.  Phillip Phillips is a true artist like Springsteen and Dylan.   He will become more than a star, an original genius.  He will write and play his own songs on his acoustic guitar.  He didn't need sequins and fancy clothes or blue hair.  He won because of his voice and because he is unique.


Phillip Phillips is only 21.  He’s a pawn shop worker at his father’s store from Leesburg, Ga.  He definitely looked stunned after host Ryan Seacrest announced his name, then wordlessly accepted a hug from Jessica Sanchez and then was surrounded by his fellow finalists.


He burst into tears as he sang "Home," the song that may be his first single.  He spit out confetti that dropped on top of him.  Then he ran into the arms of his family then hugged the judges.  He was relieved it was over and he stayed true to himself.  He will have to break out of his shell a bit and start opening up on many interviews and shows, but what he says will be meaningful.


American Idol Finale had me on the edge of my seat.  I have been gritting my teeth through the entire season.  Jessica Sanchez is a kid, she sings loud and big like many, many others.  Nothing new.  Joshua was better.  He has heart.  He is a preacher's son and believes in something bigger. 


The judges were so hard on Phillip. They didn't give him a break.  He isn’t glamorous or exotic.  He is just himself.


Phillip Phillips is what America needs right now.  He stands his ground.  He does not let others push him into becoming someone he isn't.  He just is.  America got it right.  He's not just another clone.

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