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"Our Cultural Center" Episode 3 - Non-Profit Arts Funding, A Comedy

By Chicago Splash Magazine Staff Writer

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Alert to lovers of art and all concerned about the drying coffers of non-profit arts organizations--



"Our Cultural Center" is a new webisode comedy series that shines a spotlight on this problem with the help of top actors such as Kurt Ehrmann (familiar to fans of The Hypocrites, Chicago Shakespeare and the Steppenwolf), among others, and a funny script.

Here is episode 3 where there is a problem with one of the exhibitions.



If you missed earlier episodes you can find them here:

Episode 1, where Randall arrives but Vicki just can’t seem to face him

Episode 2, where Randall is looking to stamp his authority on his new position

Visit "The Cultural Center" website for more information on this project.


Share this page and other episode with your contacts in social media, and most of all, support your local arts organizations!

Published on Oct 27, 2013

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