Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party Review - Beautiful Women, Beautiful Bodies, and Dresses to Die For

Photography by Greg Autry

All Photographs ©GregAutry 2014

Officially called the - `Norby Walters' 24th Annual "Night of 100 Stars" Oscar Viewing Party', held before and during the Oscars, Sunday March, 2, 2014, at the renowned Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Courtney Stodden and Norby Walters

Have you ever wondered what the Stars and Celebrities who are not involved in the current year's Oscars do, during the Oscar Event ? I can tell you.  They have Oscar Parties just like the rest of us. And instead of going to the local Pub, or watching TV at a friend's house, they get all Dolled Up (and Dude'd Up), and go to the iconic Pink Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, at a Thousand-Dollars per Plate. It was a Hoot for me. I ran into actors and models that I worked with years ago, and haven't seen in years.  OK, this was so fancy that I even put on my Marinella Italian Tie, that I got from a friend from Milan, and that I've never worn. I also received an Award for the evening. More on that, later thank you.

Barbi Benton


Marilinda Rivera and Lawrence Davis

Norby Walters is a veteran Agent, and Producer/Chairman for the evening festivities. Billionaire (YES, with a `B' ) Founder and Chairman of Nygard International (Fashion) Peter Nygard was the Executive Producer.  I could tell these guys are pros at organizing and paying attention to the behind the scenes details. A great deal of that credit goes to Ed Lozzi's PR team I'm sure.

It was strictly  a Black-Tie affair. There were so many gorgeous women it was hard to know where to look, let alone where to point my lens. As a fashion whore myself, I was blown away by the dresses on the ladies. They were just stunning. I saw several splendid Sue Wong Gowns. Sue is one of my very favorite designers.  Another big favorite of the very body conscious crowd was Hervé Leger.  One dazzling lady (name withheld by request) had on Agent Provocateur. When I asked to see the dress under her tightly fitted jacket, she demurely whispered, `I can't take off the jacket' , and then grinned that naughty innocent grin.  

There were other not so modest. Such as the Little Black Dress worn by Courtney Stodden.

Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden

Anne Heche


By my own admission of failure, as I go to Press for this article in Splash Magazine, there was one dress that was too amazing for words. It was worn on the Red Carpet by the incredibly beautiful Fashion Designer who made the dress. And I cannot remember her name! I am so bad at names, I apologize.  I will endeavor to find out who she is, simply because I want to shoot her line .   And of course, when I find her, I'll let you all know, right here in Splash Magazine.

Cindy Margolis

Ed Lozzi with Cindy Margolis


There were a Zillion Photographers by my count. All craning, stretching, and meandering to get, "That Shot ". I plan on another article about how difficult it is to work in this business. As they say, that is for another Time.  I also would be offended if anyone referred to me, or worse yet thought of me, as a "Paparazzi" I would never photograph someone who objects. Thus, the shots of fashion malfunctions, nipple slips, and simply request "not" to shoot, do not find their way into my work.  But I am here to report, and even those dresses for the evening which would perhaps not make a "Best Dressed" List, are seen here at times in unflattering glory.  I shall let the readers here, decide which should be on the Best Dressed List, or Other list.

I ran into Cindy Margolis and Shelly Michelle (Julia Roberts body double in Pretty Woman), whom looked amazing, and whom I had not seen since my early days learning to shoot. Back when I started shooting I was very fortunate to meet and have the support of a couple of great agents for which I'd like to give a shout out here. Irena Kamal, who passed away some years ago, and Judy Fontaine (The Fontaine Agency).  Cindy and Shelly were new talent, as I was new, then .   

As most of you know, I am a Fashion Photographer.  "Red Carpet" Events are not my forte. I love working in the studio where I can control the lights, and work with designers and models to come up with a look , to create my "art".  Let me tell you, these Events are hard work.  For the photographers, and for all the supporting people it takes to put something like this on. I congratulate everyone associated with the event. There is an Energy in shooting these Events which I am enjoying more and more. Plus, it's fun to get out and meet others in the Biz, as well as the new networking opportunities. I'm very fortunate to shoot for Splash Magazine, so another shout out here, to Lawrence Davis,  Maria and Steve, at LA Splash Magazine. Many of my previous  Articles are available online, including those about other events including the Sue Wong Jazz Babies  Spring 2014 Collection premier.

Norby Walters and Gary Marshall


I still love going to Beverly Hills and Bel Air. It doesn't seem that long ago, yet it may have been a lifetime ago,  that I  was building some of what are now Iconic, and still really big homes, for many Celibs and folks in the Biz .  I still keep the AutryCo website, for my Custom Homebuilding. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Sue Wong Center, Ed Lozzi Right

Kelly Hu wearing Sue Wong

When I got to The Beverly Hills Hotel I was told there was no parking for media, I would just have to find street parking. So I parked over a half mile away on the street as directed. And I did receive an award from Beverly Hills' Finest.  I'm sure the City of Beverly Hills will be financially sound when I mail in the fifty-five dollars for my parking ticket. Thank You, Thank You, I Accept my Award with Humble Dignity.  Now on to more Pictures here, and for those interested in even more photos, see  Photo Albums in my Greg Autry Art & Photo Page, on Facebook.  


 As for those naughty little fashion slipups at the Night of 100 Stars, they shall remain only in my imagination.   Next up in Splash Magazine, watch for my new articles on the Naughty and delightful erotic show, Absinthe, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. And then a fun look at Artist Jeff Wacks work, his show at the Sin City Art Gallery, also in Las Vegas.   

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