New Film THE BOOK They Came From Inner Space: Acclaimed Director Ø Discusses Making Movies

What does it take to write, direct and produce a feature film? Where does one’s inspiration come from? What challenges do one encounter and what rewards may one expect? Acclaimed first-time director and producer Ø discusses the making of his film THE BOOK They Came From Inner Space.

Poster for THE BOOK They Came From Inner Space

THE BOOK is the highly original story of alien doppelgangers using subliminal manipulation to uplift humankind. The story came to Ø as he was bedridden with a high fever, and it expands on an idea he had always reflected upon—what it would be like to meet someone who not only shared our name, but looked exactly like us. Proving that inspiration can strike at any moment, Ø explains: “One day, I was searching for a name in the telephone book. I looked to see if I could find someone with my last name. To my surprise, I found an entire page of them. I wondered if I could I find any with my first name as well. I found one. I wondered what he could possibly look like. Should I contact him? What if I met him and we were identical? How scary would it be? How would I react?”


Ø describes his movie as “a suspenseful sci-fi / fantasy thriller, with a kitsch and camp retro look and stylistic visuals.” THE BOOK also possesses a philosophical bend and explores topics such as free will, subliminal messaging, paranormal activity, and cosmology. First and foremost, however, it is an arresting visual experience, inspired by the works of iconic directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Federico Fellini and Terry Gilliam. This comes as no surprise since Ø is a former graphic designer who sketches his storyboards from beginning to end.


For the first-time director, pre-production, during which he developed the story, designed the look of the movie, and created its visual style, and production, during which he established trust and closeness with the cast, were the most enjoyable parts of making the movie. What surprised Ø most about the process of making a film was how strange it felt for the cast and crew to go their separate ways at the end of the shoot. He continues to keep in touch with the entire cast.


Ø has said that, to him, “only movies offer the possibility of reuniting so many different art forms: visual composition, color, movement, dialogue, sound and music. It’s so complete.” One can see how for Ø, a former graphic designer and film score composer, the experience of making THE BOOK would be such a complete and interesting one, one that combines all his artistic passions. So much so, in fact, that Ø is already working on two further film projects—two family comedies—tentatively titled Pandemonium and Mayhem.


With the new projects, Ø plans on offering viewers his signature “visual trip on the wild side” and to continue exploring the themes of multidimensionality and trickery, albeit with even more of a humorous twist. Fans of Ø, who have awarded him and the cast of THE BOOK 13 awards in film festivals all over the world, surely will be happy to find out that he intends on sticking to the visuals and humor that they already love and for which THE BOOK has been billed an instant cult classic.

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