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My Father Die-Movie Review

By Devin Devasquez

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Sean Brosnan's film debut as writer and director leaves you on the edge of your seat with this intensely dark drama. The opening scene before the credits is shot beautifully in the bayou of Louisiana and tells the story of a young 12 year old boy, Asher who witnesses the murder of his older brother, which leaves Asher deaf and mute. Joe Anderson plays an older Asher who is preparing to someday avenge his brother's death from the murderer who has been in prison and is now released.


Sean Brosnan weaves the story together with black and white flashbacks of what Asher has endured and why he has to avenge his brother's death. As a writer, Sean Brosnan gives a darkness to his characters that has many layers to them. English actor/boxer, Gary Stretch plays the villian that we discover is also Asher's father, Ivan.

 The film is well acted and there are several scenes that have eliments of edgy religious undertones and diverse characters such as, Nana played by Candace Smith. Nana is a strong, yet nurturing female character who has a deep rooted relatioship with Asher. This film was very interesting from beginning to end with an impressive cast of characters, a well written script, beautifully shot, with great direction by Sean Brosnan. I look forward to more films by Sean Brosnan and highly recommend seeing, "My Father Die."


Published on Jan 17, 2017

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