My Adventure at Cannes Film Festival


Going to Cannes has been on my bucket list of things to do for many years now. I’m steadily and surely checking things off from my list and finally can say going to Cannes is one of them!

Radhaa Nilia, headed to Cannes Film Festival

I started by taking a train from Nice to Cannes. I enjoyed the scenic coast line along the way.

At the Train Station at Nice, France

I was delighted to be dropped off at a charming train station that was clean with noteworthy architecture.

Cannes Train Station

As I walked through many picturesque streets filled with boutique shops and outdoor Cafe’s. Everybody sitting outside with an expresso or a glass of wine in hand enjoying each other’s company.

Charming streets of Cannes, France

I slid into a Cafe where I found a quite and peaceful time for myself before the big event. After lunch I literally only had only 15 minutes to change and get ready for the Cannes Film Festival Premiere screening. 

Tickets to the Premiere!

Tickets in hand, and I’m off to the Infamous Red Carpet to experience it for the first time! There was many tents and events to attend along the way, but I stayed focused on my mission.

Cannes Film Festival event tents

Watch my video here:
The experience was surreal, and started down the street as celebrities lined up for the red carpet that lead up the long red steps to the premiere. Literally thousands of people outside screaming for their favorite Stars. I met some cool people on the red carpet of all places! 

Making friends on the red carpet!

The excitement on the Red Carpet was buzzing and contageous as it was flooded with the biggest International Stars. Everyone was in Tuxedo’s including the photographers.

Seflie! On the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

That was a truly enchanting experience and I look forward to coming back again next year!

Radhaa Nilia at the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

xo, Radhaa

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