Kickboxer Vengeance Review - a powerful and gripping reboot of the classic!


There hasn’t been such an over the top martial arts action film since the great Bruce Lee.


Official Poster for Kickboxer Vengeance


The star power of the mixed arts fighting world comes together in the exotic Kingdom of Thailand for this action packed reboot of the 1989 classic movie Kickboxer with Jean-Claude Van Damme and a hot new talent, Alain Moussi.


Alain Moussi as Kurt, defying gravity

Kurt & Durand - the fight set up

Kurt and Durand training

Jean-Claude is back in amazing shape as Master Durand, mentor to Kurt Sloane, played by Alain Moussi, an extremely talented 6th degree Jiu Jitsu master turned actor whose on camera acrobatics and jaw dropping martial arts skills are astounding. Jason Statham look out!




Eric and Kurt Sloane are the descendants of a well-known Venice, California-based family of martial artists. Kurt has always been in older brother, Eric's shadow, as he lacks the instincts needed to become a champion. Against Kurt's concerns, Eric accepts a paid offer and travels to Thailand to challenge the Muay Thai champion Tong Po and fails with dire consequences. Kurt sets out for revenge. He trains with his brother's mentor, Durand, for a Muay Thai fight against the merciless champion, Tong Po played with villainous glee by Dave Bautista, James Bond, Guardian of the Galaxy.   Durand first thinks Kurt is impossible to train, but through a series of spiritual exercises and tests, Durand discovers that Kurt has a deeper strength that will carry him through his final showdown with Tong Po.

Kurt fights Tong Po to avenge his brother's death

Georges St-Pierre as Kavi and Kurt

Fabricio Werdum - Cane Velasquez

This non-stop action film is packed with world champion fighters exhibiting not only their skills from the ring but acting as well. Dave Bautista, Guardian of the Galaxy, James Bond, Georges St-Pierre (GSP), 9 time UFC world champion.  Cane Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum, UFC heavy weight world champions, are just a few of the celebrity fighters in the film coached by Supoj Khoowong (Jim), Thai stunt trainer to many great stars including Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raiders.   


Dimitri Logothetis, the writer/producer said…. “I’m very excited about the film because our fight sequences are real. All the stunts you’ll see are without trick photography, wires, etc. In most action films the actor is doubled by an expert stuntman, but in this film the world champion fighters play the actors…and our action is the real deal.

double swords training

Filmed in the ancient Thai ruins of Ayutthaya, the movie is visually stunning.


Sara Malakul Lane


There is also a romantic side to the film with Thai super star, beautiful Sara Malakul Lane as Royal Thai police detective Lui.


At the end of filming I sat down with some of the cast from the US and asked them how they like working in Thailand. They all were impressed with the country, it’s culture, scenic beauty and the kindness of the people and of course Thai food was at the top of their list!!!!

producers & cast members at the Thailand Sneak Preview

A photo op during the The Sneak Preview screening in Bangkok at the impressive VIP 1 Major Cineplex Siam Paragon.  A taste of Hollywood Thai style.

Writer / producer -Dimitri Logothetis & Alain Moussi

Finally, Kickboxer Vengeance is one of the most authentic martial arts movies to come along in years.  It will amaze viewers with gravity defying stunts, as well as the power and agility of these world champion fighters and actors.



For more information go to Kickboxer Vengeance Official Website

Photography: By permission from Radar Pictures & Daniel Herron  


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