Movie Review - The God Cells - A Controversial Method for Saving and Improving Lives


One of the most controversial issues in medicine today is the use of fetal stem cells for healing a multitude of illness and injuries.  Scientific advances and consumer demand has shown that this is the wave of the future and will change the course of medicine.


Despite this many American doctors refuse to discuss this or even acknowledge the possibility that this might help the suffering of their patients.  "Medical school puts blinders on the students," says Dr. William C. Rader, who runs Stem Cell of America, and often treats people for very low cost.   


Dr. William C Rader, Photo by Merola Productions

These fetal stem cells come from aborted fetuses all over the world.  In the Georgia (USSR),  96% of pregnancies are terminated and women often have 3 or 4 abortions. A single group of stem cells can help over one thousand people.


Photo by Merola Productions

The film, The God Cells, tells the story of this process.


While it does not cure everything,  does not always work for everyone, and each patient reacts differently,  the fetal stem cell therapy has been seen to help numerous ailments from Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus,  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, and many others.  Some receiving treatment have seen improvement in a matter of hours or days after their first treatment.  No negative effects have been reported. 


Photo by Merola Productions

One patient, who had cystic fibrosis, had to choose between a double lung transplant, which only offered a 50% chance of success and could easily be rejected by his body - not to mention the increased chance of infections because of the immunosuppressant drugs needed,  and the fetal stem cell therapy.  To his utter amazement, after only a few treatments, he is now able to get off medications and live "a normal" life and do things that, because of her illness, were previously denied her. 


NFL player who benefited from stem cells, Photo by Merola Productions

Another young woman had been on the verge of suicide due to her progressive illness when her mother discovered the therapy.  Traveling to Mexico to receive the treatment, they were thrilled as the vast improvement her body made and that she no longer had to rely on drugs.


Stars who support research, Photo by Merola Productions

I'm sure this did not please the pharmaceutical companies who make their money on sick people needing medication.  Should fetal stem cell therapy become approved, it will drastically change the way the drug companies do business. 


Yet despite all the benefits, the FDA refuses to acknowledge the good it can do and is currently illegal in the United States.  In fact, researchers working in the field must do so in secrecy for fear of their lives from the religious right wing.


Photo by Merola Productions

On the premise that there had been no type and cross match used in giving the cells, which are not needed for fetal stem cells because they will morph into whatever organ or area they are needed, the California medical board revoked Dr. Rader's medical license. 


David Barrett, director and producer of the show Blue Bloods, executive produced God Cells along with Mr. Mercola.   


Director George Schlatter said "It absolutely works.  William Rader is a passionate, dedicated doctor.  Most people look to Western medicine first and are only willing to try this when they are desperate. I saw a dying child go from being a pale 85 pounds to an active 135-pound boy enjoying life.  Then when the patient shows improvement, the doctors take the credit!"     

Director George Schlatter,Photo by Merola Productions

Should you be interested in checking this out other companies to look into are CIRM - California Institute for Regerative Medicine (which has several prominent people on their board as film executive Sherry Lansing, Senator Albert Torres and others),  Stemedia out of San Diego and Em-Cell in the Ukraine.


Dr. Mills of CRIM , Photo by Merola Productions

Produced by Merola Productions, written by Eric Merola,  The God Cells tells the story of this miraculous work.  


The film just opened in New York at Cinema Village and in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Music Hall.  A national release will follow.  "While this movie may piss off many (who wish to stop it), it will also give hope to countless others who once thought their declining health situation was hopeless," says Eric Merola


Times are changing. 





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