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Most of us believe we know the story of Israel's beginnings as a country, struggling with the British Empire, trying to cultivate the land and get along with our Arab neighbors as an influx of Russian Jews fled the oppression there. 


Rabin In His Own Words - Menemesha Films

One of these Russian families were the Rabin's.  Menemesha Films has brought forth Rabin In His Own Words - an award-winning documentary about the assassinated twice prime minister - is told mostly in his own words and in Hebrew, but with adequate English subtitles and great photography- some public archives, while others were home movies and private letters or journals. 


Beset by anti-Semitism, his socialist father brought Yitzhak and his family to a kibbutz in the budding state of the Jewish state.  It was 1936 and the Arabs, fearful of the overwhelming Jewish exodus to the land, had begun attacking the settlements.   Wanting to be a farmer, but trained out of necessity to defend his home, the young boy was urged by Moshe Dayan to join the Jewish Police Force. 


Yitzhak Rabin - Commander

Winning a scholarship to an American University to get his degree in engineering, he was confronted by the break out of World War II.  There was no way he could leave his family now and so began Yitzhak's military career as part of the defense team. 


Yitzhak Rabin - Prime Minister of Israel

He watched his father being arrested by the British in the Black September and in April 1948 became a commander.  During the Israeli War of Independence, he rose through the ranks and found himself trapped in the siege of Jerusalem as Ben Gurion made the pronouncement of the new state.


As Chief of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Yitzhak  fights depression during the Six-Day War as he helps win astounding victories then,  in the  War of Attrition for the Suez Canal, and the Yom Kippur War.  


Yitzhak Rabin - head of IDF

He hadn't planned on running for the position of Prime Minister, but urged on by those who prayed there might be a glimmer of peace, he took the job not once, but twice.  His story continues as he meets with Egyptian Prime Minister Sadat, PLO head Arafat, and partakes in several peace conferences - for which several politicians and many Israelis - fearful of the Arabs true intent - vilify him. 


Do we live in peace, he asks his people, or in a permanent state of fear?  Reluctantly, he takes the Nobel Peace Prize and prays he has done the right thing. 


Yitchaz Rabin and family - Rabin family photos

We watch the young boy grow from childhood as the son of a labor leader, to a military leader who only wants what he thought was best for his country, to someone that partook in critical moments of history, rejoicing and yet horrified at his final moments. 


Directed by Erez Laufer, this 110 minute movie is now playing in select theaters in Los Angles- Laemmle's Royal Theatre; New York Lincoln Plaza Cinema; Boca Raton, FL -Living Room Theaters FAU; Delray Beach, FL - Movies of Delray; Lake Worth, FL - Movies of Lake Worth and Tamarac, FL - The Last Picture Show


Starting May 13, 2016, the movie will be available in Encino, CA at  Laemmle's Town Center 5.








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