Movie Review of Dough- Mixing Up To Create A New Relationship


Dough: - photo from Menemsha Films

When one mixes water and flour, one can - with the proper care -  get a delicious bread or a flat, unappetizing mess.  So what happens when you mix an old Orthodox Jew  (Jonathan Pryce) with a young black Muslim drug dealer (Jerome Holder)?

Menemsha Films in connection with A Docler Entertainment/Viva Films Production and Three Coloured Dog Films -presents director John  Goldschmidt's story, Dough.  Produced by György Gattyán, András Somkuti, John Goldschmidt, & Wolfgang Esenwein this unlikely warm-hearted buddy comedy, written by Yeudah Jez Freedman  and Jonathan Benson tells a humorous story that challenges prejudice and shows that we all need each other. It's a matter of respect. 

Dough - Jonathan Pryce - photo from Menemsha Films

With his London East End neighborhood dying and many regulars moving out, kosher baker Nat Dayan of Dayan and Son struggles to make a living and keep his store afloat.  Before he eyes, he sees Cotton (Philip Davis), his competitor, whose tried several times to buy him out, encroaching and eating up the locations around him.  He should be shocked, but he's only disappointed and saddened when his long time assistant decides to leave him to work for Cotton at a higher pay. 

Dough -after the fire - Menemsha Films

With his family urging him to retire and sell the store to Cotton, he can only express his regret that his son chose to pursue law rather than join the baker in the family business, which has survived for generations. 

Frustrated and determined to keep the store open "as long as there's breath in me,"  he searches for a  new assistant. 

Meanwhile, in the nightclub Ayyash, a black Muslim teen immigrant, and several of his friends, work drug deals and are nearly caught by the London police.    Narrowly escaping capture, he returns home to his hard working mother (Natasha Gordon) who sees her son falling apart before her very eyes.  She begs him to get a job, but he feels frustrated and angry at the situation and at his mother's fantasy that his father is coming back. 

Dough - Jonathan Pryce and Jerome Holder - photo from Menemsha Films

Finding out that Nat needs help, she pushes her boy forward.  With no one else to turn to, Nat reluctantly agrees to give the boy a try....but is shocked to see the boy on his prayer rug.  How can he trust a Muslim?  These are the very words of his friends and family, as well.  But what can Nat do?  He needs the help. 

Dough - Nat and friend discussing the new hire

Still dealing with drugs, and in an effort to hide what's in his possession, Ayyash throws his packet into the batch of dough...and suddenly people are standing in line, wanting to buy Nathan's baked goods.   

Dough: Pauline Collins and Jonathan Pryce - photo from Menemsha Films

More confident and happier, Nathan even considers dating again as he's caught the eye of widow, Mrs. Silverman (Pauline Collins.)   He's at first shocked and then pleased as he starts to value the boy's help and teach him secrets of baking.  

Dough: Pauline Collins and Jonathan Pryce - photo from Menemsha Films

Cotton, again, attempts to buy the bakery and even has the former assistant now offering a kosher section of baked goods in his rival store.   Only once he learns Nat's secret, does he realize he has the old baker over a barrel. 

But what happens next both has you laughing and warms your heart with a sincere message as Ayyash joins with Nat to keep the bakery alive and defeat Cotton's schemes. 

Dough - Pauline Collins and Phil Davis - photo Menemsha Films

The award-winning film opens at the Village East Cinema in NYC, and at the Laemmle Royal Town Center 5 and Playhouse 7 in Los Angeles on April 29, 2016.   A national release follows.   

Dough - photo from Menemsha Films

The humanity of the film connects people everywhere and shows that we need to cooperate with one another to achieve peace and that we have to look beyond the obvious to see the real person inside.  It's something worth watching several times over.  

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