Movie Review: Exit Stategy: An Urban Un-romantic comedy


The un-romantic Urban comedy, Exit Strategy, which opens March 9th, 2012, stars Jameel Salem, Kimelia Weathers, "Qdeezy" Harris, and also has cameos with Big Boy (Power 106) and Kevin Hart. 

 Directed by Michael Whitton, and produced the Kellie Maltagliati, with Big Boy being the executive producer,  the film focuses on two people in a relationship who are afraid to take responsibility for how they feel.   The hero, James (Jameel Saleem), likeable but irresponsible, having spent all his money to impress his new girlfriend and splurged on a fancy TV, is now evicted from his apartment.  His friends Carville (Quincy "Qdeezy" Harris) and Leona (Noelle Balfour) are no help.  With no where else to go, he moves in with said girlfriend, Kim (Kimelia Weathers). 


Movie Review: Exit Strategy: Power 106's Big Boy

The trouble comes because the pair really don't know each other.  He expects to sleep late on Sundays and watch football, while she says Sundays are for chores.   In a dilemma because he has no place to go and wants to continue sleeping on her sofa, but does not want to be in a relationship any more, James tries various ways to break up with Kim.  Everyone including Scoop (Nick Sinise) gives him advice on the breakup from pretending to having an affair, pretending to have an illegitimate daughter,  to alienating her friends.  Kim, on her end, heats up - offering to sleep with him, finally, cooking and cleaning for him. 

James even goes as far to do a pretend proposal.  He assumes she will reject him because it's so awkward but to his surprise, she accepts. For Kim, breaking up is not an option. 


 Meanwhile, one of the films funniest moments, James must deal with her father (Sid Burston.) All the while, he helps Leona in her shop and conflicts with customers as Kevin Hart


In desperation, he goes to Big Boy and asks help to break up via the radio program.  Kim, at first, doesn't believe Big Boy, but then, she accepts it.  She is about to throw James out, but has a change of heart and agrees that he can use her sofa. 


Movie Review: Exit Strategy: Jameel Saleem, Kimelia Weathers, Big Boy Nick Sinise

Original music provided by Simon A Stevens, with many of the songs written by Michael and James Whitton, will be available on iTunes. 


Written in only two weeks, by Jameel Saleem, based on some personal experiences, the film was shot for a micro-budget of  $100,000.  While it features Black actors in the leading roles, it doesn't rely on standard sterotypes.   Ask Around Productions and Ida's Son Productions plan to release the film in 10 cities.   


Movie Review:Exit Strategy

The targeted audience, 18-34,  will find this an amusing movie and maybe will learn something about relationships. 


For more information go to  The film has not yet been rated. 

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