MOVIE REVIEW: "Delhi Safari"

                All in all, I thought it was pretty cute and had a few funny moments. But if someone has seen “The Lion King”, they will only count the similarities and not fully get how good this movie is.

I had the pleasure of being selected as a brand ambassador, receiving a promotional pass to see and review the new animated film, “Delhi Safari”. While the animation is good, the story feels like a retread of the Disney classic, “The Lion King”. This time it’s tigers instead of lions. India instead of Africa. A pigeon instead of a dodo bird. What next, a story with a family of bears in the woods? I’ll try to get over the many similarities (young tiger witnessing something horrid, a bird being a guide, a spirit showing up and guiding someone…and crazy hyenas. YES!! This even has hyenas laughing and acting insane) and judge this by itself.

                The film opens with tiger cub Yuvi (Tara Strong, Rugrats, Little Mermaid) wrestling around with his dad Sultan (Cary Elwes, who also voices the Bee Commander) and then getting scolded by his mom Begum (Vanessa Williams, giving her best “Sarabi” impression). There’s a cute song with a bit of a Bollywood vibe that goes on a bit too long for me. It’s a cute song, just maybe too much for a kid’s movie.

                Something horrid happens when bulldozers come clamoring through their habitat that parents may want to shield their kids from, and then we get to the main story. The main story deals with their homeland being overrun by developers and them having to move. The animal kingdom wants to let the humans know how much their home means to them, but of course none of the animals can talk. Pigeon (voiced by Christopher Lloyd with the jumpy, scatterbrained mania that we all know and love and expect from him) know s of someone who can speak both to animals and to humans, Alex the parrot (played by Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants). Alex is a pet living the highlife with his human. The introduction of Alex is a good song that gets you moving, I would have liked a bit more of that song.

                We learn that Alex feels he’s not really a jungle animal anymore now that he’s a pet. Basically…he thinks he’s better than his old friends, including the kind of bad guy, Bajrangi the monkey (Carlos Alzraqui, from Handy Mandy and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!). They clash and blame each other for random mishaps. It’s cute and funny.

                There are some great scenes with some flamingos (Jane Lynch and Jason Alexander) that are hilarious. I wish the film had A LOT more of them in it. Actually, I would like to see a movie with those two. Then there are some bees and at the end some human interaction and then a nice song. It ended a bit quick, but it was really nothing much else to say.


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