Movie Review - Curse Of Sleeping Beauty - A Future Cult Classic



photos from Bleiberg Entertainment

Many of us remember the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty  where Briar Rose, having been placed under a spell by an angry witch could only be released by the kiss of her true love.


Fascinated by the original story, but wondering what would have happened if the prince had never shown up,  Pearry Teo, an award winning scriptwriter-producer-director specializing in science fiction and fantasy,  twisted the tale with his dark, but fertile imagination.  After he completed the story, he joined forces with Josh Nadler to write the script and with Bleiberg Entertainment  and Nexus Motion Picture Company to produce it, creating what feels like to be one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen.


In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty becomes a cult classic.

Thomas - Ethan Peck - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment

Staring Ethan Peck as Thomas Kaiser, a grieving isolated artist, is suddenly presented with an inheritance from an uncle he had never met.  The reportedly haunted isolated mansion has a history of strange disappearances and family members either dying of suicide or other strange deaths. 

Briar Rose - India Eisley - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment

Haunted by strange dreams of a beautiful young woman named Briar Rose (India Eisley) frozen in a curse, ala Sleeping Beauty, Thomas has no idea of what to make of them or if they are related to his new inheritance.


He soon finds out as he's confronted by ghostly demons and increasingly violent dreams.  Can he break the curse?

Confrontation - Thomas and Linda (Natalie Hall) - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment


Linda (Natalie Hall) , the real estate agent, who seeks answers about her brother's mysterious disappearance, brings in her paranormal demonologist friend Richard (Bruce Davison) to assist them.   

The books the key - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment

Deep in the hidden bowels of the house, they discover a secret book, which computer friend  Daniel (James Adam Lin) helps decode…only to discover his own horror at what awaits his friends. 


I'm not going to spoil the rest of the story for you because it is one you'll want to see - maybe several times over. 


Despite the modest budget, the production value is superb.  Besides Pearry, other producers included Ehud Bleiberg,  with Danny A. Abeckaser, Nicholas Donnermeyer, Barry Gordon, and Michael Radiloff as executive producers.  


Christopher C. Pearson served as DP, while Damian Drago edited the film, Jacqueline Goehner did the costumes, and Jason Collins worked with the special effects - of which there were many.

Will the curse be broken? - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment


While Pearry wouldn't give any definite answers, at least one sequel is a possibility. I'd not be surprised to see this as a TV series, either, maybe one featuring demons and ghosts from other cultures. 


Trapped - photos from Bleiberg Entertainment

The film, which premiered in Los Angeles on May 5, 2016, will be opening in New York on May 9, 2016. For a free ticket for this performance you can go to the Fangoria link.  The film will also show at Arena Cinema in Hollywood on May 13th for as week. After that DVD, VOD, etc.  But I expect this movie to be a big breakout. 




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