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Colliding Dreams - Tel Aviv Sunset - Riverside Films

Since being banished from Israel during the destruction of the temple, a wishful phrase – even when they returned briefly to the land – was “Next Year In Jerusalem.”


 Except for the few pioneers that made their way back to the Holy Land in the 1700 and 1800’s,  having a land that the Jews could call their own, despite the promises made to them, seemed a distant dream.  The desire for a homeland of their own seemed not to have been understood by those occupiers – as the British - who already had a land of their own.


 What did Zionism mean to the Jews then …and now?  The term has often been misunderstood and often distorted by those wishing to keep the Jewish population unsettled and on the edge. 


Colliding Dreams - The Garden - Serita Stevens photographer

 The film Colliding Dreams addresses the issue as it explores the meaning of Zionism from the late 19th century origins whose goal had been a place for Jews to live without the threat of anti-Semitism and the opinions of those Palestinians and some Jews who wished that the idea had never been broached.   Their voices, woven from past and present, discuss ideas, passions and the wars of desperate survival as each of the various sides gives reasons and opinions as to why and why not Zionism needs to exist and what purpose it plays in the lives of modern Israel today.


Colliding Dreams - Gush Emunim settlers - Riverside films

Despite the success, the very legitimacy of the Zionistic ideology – and the state of Israel – are still questioned today.     Carried by emotions of hope, fear, and anger rather than substance and facts, arguments triggered by wars, terrorist attacks, and national elections constantly call the Jewish need for a homeland into question. 


Though slightly long ( 134 minutes) the film explores all sides and views.


Colliding Dreams - An Arab and his child - Riverside Films

 Using rarely seen footage and archives, as well as interviews with old and young – both Israeli and Palestinians –the story of Zionism’s growth from its European origins and the early history of the Jews and Arabs, through the War of Independence as well as the several battles that have followed, the movie explores the life of Zionism today and where it stands with the West Bank settlements, the Peace Movement and the colliding forces of Jews among Jews, and Jews among Palestinians. 


 Award winning filmmakers Joseph Dorman and Oren Rudavsky have produced a fascinating film.  Colliding Dreams will premiere at Lincoln Plaza Cinema in NYC, Laemmle Royal and Town Center 5 in Los Angeles and at Regal Westpark in Irvine, California on March 4, 2016.  On March 11, the film will also show in Palm Springs and will be followed by a national release. 



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