Battleship Review - An Action Packed Sci Fi Thriller

Batleship - the alien ship

It’s exciting, breathtaking and an alien invasion.   The battle for the Earth begins at sea as alien forces, picking up on our communications, attack us.   It's easily a 9 for action and excitement. 


Battleship - Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hooper

Being released in theatres on May 22, 2012, the epic picture tells the story of the unmotivated Alex Hooper, who, upon meeting physical therapist Sam Shane, daughter of the Naval Commander Shane, falls in love.  His brother, Stone,  soon convinces him that the only way to get anywhere is for Alex to join the Navy and so he does.  Nevertheless, Alex's flaws shine through as he fights the Japanese Navy Captain,  Yugi Nagata, in the military games. 


Battleship: Rihanna as Raikes

Meanwhile, having sited a planet in a distant solar system, not unlike our own, the government has been making attempts at communications.   Apparently, the messages are heard and we are attacked by the aliens.  When Stone's ship is blown up and only  Hooper's ship is left in the field, Alex and his team must fight their way through even as Hawaii, itself, is attacked. 


Battleship - US Army Col Gregory D Gadson as Mick Canales

Realizing that the aliens need to communicate with their home base,  depressed amputee Mick Canales, along with Hooper's love interest, and Cal Zapata, the communications tech, the trio must fight to prevent the transmission from going through.   Nevertheless, it still looks as if the aliens are going to overpower our boys. 


Battleship - Tadanobu Asano as Captain Yugi Nagata

The team work of Alex and Yugi come together sweetly in the end. 


Filmed mainly in Honolulu, Hawaii,  the film received support of the Navy through out the story and several scenes were filmed on the historic  Battleship Missouri Memorial.   They also had scenes of sailors training at sea when they visited the Chung-Hoon


Alex with love interest Sam Shane (Brooklyn Decker)

The romance between Sam and Alex really highlighted the story even though it was only a secondary subplot.  You really wanted him to succeed and for them to get together.  I liked that Sam had an active role in the end rather than just passively sitting and waiting for her man to come home.


Universal’s new film, Battleship, based on the game by Hasbro, and done in conjunction with Bluegrass Films and Film 44 Productions, stars Taylor Kitsch (Alex Hooper), Alexander Skarsgard (Stone Hooper), Rihanna ( Petty Officer Raiker), Brooklyn Decker (Sam Shane), Tadanobu Asano (Capt Yugi Nagata), and Liam Neeson (Commander Shane.)  Supporting the cast were Hamish Linklater ( Cal Zapata) , Jesse Plemons (Ordy), John Tui ("The Beast") and making his debut U. S Army Colonel Gregory D Gadson (Mick Canales.)


Written by Jon and Eric Hoeber, and executive produced by Jonathan Mone and Braden Aftergood, produced by Brian Goldner, Scott Stuber, Peter Berg, Sarah Aubrey, Duncan Henderson, and Bennett Schneir, the film was directed by Peter Berg.  Peter's love for the nautical clearly shows in the film's sequences.  You get a real feel for what Navy life is like.   The story was about the destroyer crews and their work and not about the aircraft carriers.


The special effects of the aliens and their ships were spectacular.  Provided by Industrial Lights & Magic - Pablo Helman and Grady Cofer, there were also effects mastered by Academy Award winner Burt Dalton


For more information go to .  Definitely it will rival the Avengers for movie dollars. 


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