This Means War - Bromance or Romance?


This Means War : Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardly form a love triangle in the new Fox May 22, 2012, DVD/Blue Ray release, This Means War.   In it, Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) must make a difficult decision.  In this perfect rom-com, she dates best friends Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR  (Chris Pine)  and struggles to pick her ultimate man.  Considering all the angles, she wanted to give you these tips to consider your best man. 


How much mystery is too much mystery?  Through their dating relationships, Lauren knows nothing about the professional life of her two men - though they certainly know each other!  While it's nice to have some mystery, sometimes the charade goes a bit too far. 


Is he good with kids and animals?  Both men show their softer side as Tuck introduces her to his son while FDR takes her to an animal shelter. 


This Means War : Reese Witherspoon

Do you need sexy accents or would you rather have an All-American boy?  What’s your preference?  Lauren has to chose between a sexy Brit and a charming American. 


Is he really close to his BEST friends?  The bromance between Tuck and FDR is strong at the beginning. Lauren has to make sure that this doesn’t get in the way of their exclusive couple time as many ladies experience. 


Does he really understand your likes and dislikes?  Does he know your favorite music or your favorite meals?  While these are great signs, it could also be too close for comfort as Lauren experiences when she's under surveillance. 


This Means War - Chelsea Handler

Does he trust you when he's not around?  Neither men can stop their spying. Both have trust issues.  It's crucial to keep those boundaries in check.  Don't let him invade your space too much. 


Does your best friend like him?  Trish (Chelsea Handler), Lauren's friend, tells it like it is, giving unfiltered advice. Sometimes it takes someone to step away and see the big picture and look out for your best interests. 


Are you both equally important when it comes to movie rentals and date locations?  To her dismay, FDR takes Lauren to a sleazy nightclub.  Make sure he knows what you like and that wining and dining mean points. Check if he's up for an occasional chick flick - like This Means War. 


Does he keep you on your toes?  Does he challenge you to new things - like an impromptu paint ball game or an art show?  Both of the men kept her guessing in a good way. 


This Means War : Chris Pine and Tom Hardy

Lastly, do you have that spark?  It's ultimately how Lauren decides on the best suitor for her.  When checking out social chemistry, who wins out?  That often defines the deeper connection. 


See who Lauren picks and watch these tips in action as you rent or buy This Mean War. 

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