Motel Patel is a Kaleidoscope of Indian Patel Family Characters – Sanjini’s Latest Entertaining Film

Sanjini is an Actress, Martial Artist, Producer and Writer

Motel Patel Family - photo credit Dr. Brian King


Motel Patel is a colorful and entertaining film that is executive produced, directed and written by Sanjini Bhakta.

Motel Patel Movie Poster - photo credit Dr. Brian King


Shot wth Sony F55 Camera - photo credit Dr. Brian King


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Sanjini plays the character of Anita who is an aspiring actress and is not a typical Indian girl. Anita is a visiting cousin and arrives in a red convertible car, red high heels, a red top and a short black skirt. When she greets Urmillafoi called “Ba, played by Sudha Desai, the widowed grandmotheris not too pleased about her skimpy clothing.

Anita (played by Sanjini) and Urmillafoi (played by Sudha Desai) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Anita (played by Sanjini) -photo credit Dr. Brian King


Motel Patel is about an oddball Indian family trying to run a motel that is not financially doing very well. The clash of Indian and American cultures is apparent as they continue their daily lives. Digu Patel, played by Alex Bhagat is an overweight father and husband to Yamini Patel, played by Kalpana Kish. Digu is a couch potato and loves to watch t.v. all day, especially golf.

Digu Patel (played by Alex Bhagat) and Urmillafoi (played by Sudha Desai) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Yamini is a hardworking mother and wife - cooking in the kitchen and attending to the motel business affairs. Yamini has the business savvy and is the business mind behind the motel. Their children are a mischievous seven year old son Sonu, played by Sidd Munjal and a super smart, Spelling Bee competition winner, teenage daughter Rakhee, played by Princy ThomasJordan Ross, played by Philip Prendergast is an American teen schoolmate who claims that Rakhee is the love of his life.

Philip Prendergast, Sanjini and Princy Thomas - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Darshan Patel, played by Dave Iyer is a cousin who lives with the family. Darshan is a flaming homosexual (but tries to hide it) and yet his grandmother, “Ba” who dotes on him, wants him to marry a nice Indian girl. Darshan is still “in the closet” with his traditional Indian family. Moe, played by Dr. Brian King is the obese, incompetent plumber who comes in to fix the toilet in one of the rooms. Udi, is a relative played by Udi Sampat who stops by to see what is for lunch. Joe Carpenter, played by Russ Andrade is a furniture salesman and consultant who stops by to sell furniture to the Patel family. He accidentally gets stuck in one of their chairs that he sits in and Digu and Udi help to pull him out. He is invited to join them for lunch.

Rakhee (played by Princy Thomas) and Dave (played by Devdat Iyer) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Sonu (played by Sidd Munjal), Joe Carpenter (played by Russ Andrade) and Digu Patel (played by Alex Bhagat) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Sandy Martinez, plays the pretty maid called Rosita. She is constantly busy with an overload of work to do at the motel.

Maid Rosita (played by Sandy Martinez) and Darshan (played by Dave Iyer) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

They all sit down for lunch. The lunch table is displayed with delicious Indian food cooked by Yamini and “Ba”.

Urmillafoi (played by Sudha Desai) and Yamini Patel (played by Kalpana Kish) - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Food Cooked by Yamini and "Ba" - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Motel Patel Family Cast - photo credit Dr. Brian King

Yamini later excuses herself from the table to discuss the taxes and accounting with the bigot accountant, John Miller. 

Dr. Brian King helped as Second Assistant Director and Still Photographer. Sarah Bollinger also helped as Still PhotographerT.J. Yoshizaki was the Unit Production Manager and Sound Mixer. Editor, Eddie Hernandez’s creativity and talent helped bring Motel Patel and its characters to life. Special thanks to Hitesh Bhakta for providing the location for the motel shoot. Special thanks also to Russ Andrade and Sudha Desai. This is a Star Sapphire Media (Sanjini Bhakta) and Baseline Productions (T.J. Yoshizaki) production.  

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