Mont Reve, a Romantic Comedy, Sells Out IFQ Film Festival

Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

Mont Reve, an international romantic comedy, directed by Rocky Collins and Lynn von Kersting, premiered this week to a sold-out house at Hollywood’s IFQ Film Festival

Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli

Mont Reve, from Cose Nostre Productions, starring India Irving and Mario Rivelli, both recent graduates of the impressive University of Southern California Film School, as star-crossed young lovers attending an exclusive Swiss boarding school.

Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

Heading off to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May, the film tells the story of Marco della Riva, an Italian student at the elite Swiss boarding school, Mont Reve, who is not your ordinary guy. A fierce athlete and secretly a writer, he is quite the trouble maker and of course a ladies’ man.

Bennett Smith, Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli, Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

With his on campus nemeses, the drug-dealing Spanish gang, vowing to cause him and his friends, a fiercely loyal group of Italians, trouble, life at the Mont Reve Boarding School is a constant game with one goal: to reach the finish without being caught. But when Marco's eyes set upon Divina V. Rawling, a British classmate and dancer with a perfect record and lineage extraordinaire, his charm is tested. Will she risk his reputation and give him a chance?

Rich Ross, Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving, Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli

Starring Mario Rivelli and India Irving as the leads, Mont Reve also stars Gianfranco Terrin, Tommy Sacco, Pat Crowley, Andrei Belgrader, Henry LeBlanc, Charles von Bernuth, Israel Urbina, Teni Panosian, Ian Fisher, Kendra von Bernuth, Keith Barletta, Mark Jacobson, Andy Demetrio, Jorge Urbina, Danny Pardo, Mary Joan Negro, Joe Bays, Juan Urbina, Julian Nava, Ronald and Jonathan Pineda, Cristal Salas, Magnus Magnusson, Leo Zen, Sarah Ho, and George Christy.

Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli, Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

Irving and Rivelli are also the force behind and founders of Cose Nostre Productions.

Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli, Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

Mont Rêve, with dialogue in eight languages was written by India Irving is distributed by Entertainment 7.  Mont Reve features music by such greats as George Michael, Sting, Glady’s Knight and the Pips. Otis Redding, Boys II Men, Jamie Foxx, the Pointer Sister, Pino Daniele, Corneille Etta James Neir Per Caso and others.

Actor/Producer Mario Rivelli, Writer/Actress/Producer India Irving

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All Photography By Winston Burris.






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