Meet Actress-Producer Erin Fogel from "The Strike"

Erin Fogel. Photo Credit: David Noles

Can you tell us a little about your latest movie, "The Strike"?

I am always so excited to talk about this film, because it is an out and out comedy with a message of morality. "The Strike" is a coming of age film about three best friends (Guillermo Ivan, Erin Fogel, and Christopher Marquez), who are a bit too old to not have yet come of age. Our zany trio constantly dreams of fame and success, but find a way to sabotage any opportunity that comes in their path. They get in their own way; they lack taste or any sense of reality. They live in their own bubble that is finally about to burst when top NYC agent Carlo Lombardi (Bronson Pinchot) walks into their lives. They promise themselves they will find a way to make an impression that will lend itself to a booking in the new film he is helping to produce. With all of their plotting, strategy and honing of skills- it has to go right! “The Strike” is the colorful tale of how these three lovable losers finally learn who they are, and who they are meant to be.

Official Poster: The Strike

You starred in "The Strike" but also produced the movie. Can you tell us a bit about the producing process for you?

I was lucky enough to be the executive producer on “The Strike”, which was the ultimate culmination of every aspect of my day to day. I have three jobs that I work concurrently: acting/producing, owning a yoga studio on the Upper East Side (House of Jai), as well as hustling as the listing agent and head broker at Gallery Real Estate Group.  Before development even began, I was busy accumulating my contacts, real estate landmarks, locations (including the yoga studio), and favorite actors to join our team. I wanted to create an energetic Manhattan experience, where the audience member could get carried away in new perspectives of the city. I had to problem-solve every hour, keep my Zen in times of stress, and allow my sense of humor to lead me until the very end. I learned so much and cannot wait to jump into a new film!

Acting trio Christopher Marquez, Erin Fogel and Guillermo Ivan. Photo Credit: Matt Fricovsky

As an actress, you have had some amazing roles, including starring opposite Katherine Heigl in the blockbuster movie "27 Dresses". Do you prepare for each role in a similar way?

Funnily, I have learned over the years that (for me), the best preparation is to walk on set completely open minded. You can’t get stuck in your “choices”, you have to roll with being organic. You have to listen and speak from your heart. I have always found that if I visual how I want a performance to look, it will come out just the way I had fantasized while keeping it fresh and real. If I put too much thought into the performance, if I practice over and over, by the time I get to set I have managed to lose the authenticity of the character. It is so important that it always looks like it’s a moment in time that you can’t recreate or ever get back.

Erin Fogel, Katherine Heigl and Yetta Gottesman in 27 Dresses

In addition to acting, you own the yoga studio, House of Jai, in Manhattan. Can you explain how that venture came about for you?

House of Jai was the surprise of my life. In 2005 I started practicing yoga in order to appear better on camera, and rebuild my confidence from many years of bullying and negativity from classmates and peers. It seemed like overnight, everything shifted- and not just physically. For the first time, I had control over progress. I could both heal my body and aspire to do moves that I didn’t ever think was possible. I could manifest the things I wanted with mind body connection and the more I manifested, the better my career became. I needed to share this with others. In this wild and chaotic city, I wanted to create a community that I had yet to find. My mother and I teamed up with the idea of opening our own place. We went BIG. What started as an idea became the largest independently owned yoga and wellness center in New York City. I am honored to be able to serve my neighborhood with a haven that can allow them to fulfill their own dreams, whatever they may be.

Have you ever had the opportunity to combine your acting and yoga at the same time?

Combining my two passions is my favorite thing to do! Aside from “The Strike”, I have created lots of content with the studio. I have worked with original web series, yahoo, music videos and major photo shoots that fused together entertainment and the practice of yoga. In a way, teaching yoga is one of my favorite outlets to entertain. We have a set, lighting, props, and wardrobe- everything you need to create an interactive theatrical experience with your students! It’s a great way to keep your showmanship strong, and help to make people happy and proud of themselves.

House of Jai. Photo Credit: The Strike

What can we expect to see you doing over the next few months?

In the next few months I will be working on my scariest project to date- being a mom! I have been in development for quite a few months and soon it will be distributed! Hahaha. Beyond that, I am working on a new film “Daydreams” as well as a new television series called “the Company”. “Daydreams” is the compelling film about a 30 something narcoleptic, who for the first time in her life- has to wake up. With a shattered family, she needs to overcome her escape through dreaming so she can finally fulfill her potential and sew her loved ones back together. “The Company” is a cutting-edge series centered around a seemingly philanthropic situation, that opens the door to a major culture, class, and gender clash that is more current of a theme than I have ever seen.  Can’t wait to share more!


A special thank you to Erin Fogel for making this interview possible. To learn more about Erin Fogel, visit her website Erin  Fogel. Follow "The Strike" on and House of Jai at

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