Matthew Barry Teaches Review - Your Secret Weapon in Hollywood - One of the Best Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Imagine… yourself an actor in Hollywood

whether just getting started or aiming for the next level …

whether you’re hoping to book your first one line role  …

or perhaps you’re ready for the lead in a feature film …

Every serious actor knows they need a safe place hone their skills – that could be the difference between them making it or taking the next plane home … the choices are daunting and confusing at best – where do you study and perfect your craft?  

One of the Best Acting Teacher's in Los Angeles

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Matthew Barry

Who is Matt Barry?  Most people probably know him as one of the top A-list feature film casting directors in America, (The Notebook, Alpha Dog, Rush Hour’s 1 & 2…) others know him as a gifted actor and teen heart-throb, some know that he is the son of a Broadway playwright, but only a select few know that he is one of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles.  

Mathew Barry & Sienna Miller on the set of "YELLOW"

Matthew Barry & Chris Tucker - "Rush Hour 2"

Matthew Barry & Justin Timberlake - "Alpha Dog"

Why study with Matthew Barry?

Who better can guide you to deliver what is required of you in order to book the job?  A famous actress wisely stated, “Why wouldn’t you study with someone who firstly knows what is expected in the mysterious audition room and secondly who might be able to hire you and thirdly tell other casting directors about you?”

But Mr. Barry is so much more than that … Matt is a mentor … he is uber knowledgeable yes, but he is also kind, generous and sensitive to the actors plight and no matter what stage of your journey you are on …. he knows exactly what you need to get you to your next level. Matthew believes in truth.  “Actors must trust and believe in themselves” he insists.

Matthew Barry says once you set foot into his class his mission is to get rid of all your bad habits, strengthen the good ones and get you absolutely prepared for the ever-important audition. 

Your Secret Weapon

The classes are intimate, no more that 14, set in a luxorious office suite in Sherman Oaks, with super comfortable lazy-boy theatre chairs, generously providing snacks and drinks – a reward for a job well done!

Matt has created a very supportive and nurturing environment where, like a gardner, he tends to the specific needs of each of his flowering students.  The classes are conducted as if it were a real audition, sometimes on tape, sometimes not, sometimes comedy, sometimes drama …

Matthew always changes it up – so you don’t know what to expect – just like audition life!

Sides are hand picked for your specific needs and cast-ability and usually sent to you a night or two before … and you’re expected to come prepared … just like audition life!

If you need help, Matt will HELP you … but if you don’t put in YOUR work … Mr. Barry will first call you out and if necessary THROW you out!  He runs a tight ship … if you work hard – he will work hard for you – if you don’t he will give your spot to someone else on his long waiting list.  Barry is honorable – he will even give you your money back!  But that would be a pity … as the hardest thing is to secure a spot in one his classes.

Matthew teaches on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Wednesdays are by invitation only – something to aspire to!

Classes are on a first come first serve basis, the next months classes are posted on his website … and once the spots are filled – that’s it for that month!  So you need to be on your toes … again just like audition life!

One of the greatest by products of studying with Matthew Barry the Teacher is learning how Matthew Barry the Casting Director thinks … what works … what doesn’t … and how to land the job!  Isn’t that what every actor wants?  THE EDGE?! Matthew Barry is also available for private audition coaching for his students.

Many a successful working actor has been through his doors as a student (Dayo Okeniyi, LA times top actor under 30 and star of the new “Terminator” ; Stef Dawson, one of the stars of the recent “Hunger Games” ; Adam Zastrow was hired by Speilberg, Fincher & Galifinakis; and Scott Broderick who has booked 14 episodic’s in just over a year under Barry’s tutelage.)  And as a casting director Matthew has helped fascilitate many a star get their first breaking role.

If you are serious about your acting career in Los Angeles this is ONE man you AUGHT to know –

This son of a gun could be YOUR secret acting weapon in Hollywood!

Your trusted friend,


Charlotte Pehnmore 

P.S.  Do follow Matt on INSTAGRAM: matthewbarryteaches 


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