Manglehorn Movie Release June 19, 2015.- SXSW 2015


Manglehorn is a 2014 film directed by David Gordon Green, written by Paul Logan, and stars Al Pacino and Holly Hunter.  The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 19th 2015 by IFC Films.


Manglehorn was screened during SXSW Film Festival 2015 and LA Splash Magazine was part of an intimate press conference with David Gordon Green. Green is an Al Pacino fan, especially of his early work in the films “The Panic in Needle Park” and “Scarecrow .“  He always admired Al Pacino’s early films where he played tender, mysterious, and charismatic characters, and feels very honored to have him star in Manglehorn with a charismatic role.  He is also pleased that Al Pacino accepted a role where he was very excited to perform a character that he wasn’t able to perform in a very long time.


The role was inspired and written especially for Al Pacino. The complexity of a melancholic man who is looking back and not looking forward, the character is an exploration of his history and hope of an aged and lonely man. Manglehorn lives in a black and white world, but somehow he  finally finds himself able to let the past go.

In order to make the character of Manglehorn alive, Green and Al Pacino found themselves looking into the deepest psyche to recreate the archetype of the character. —It was like finding the little boy in the actor Al Pacino as they studied the character together with Al Pacino’s own personal childhood and lessons while growing up.  David Gordon Green said, “For a filmmaker sitting down in a room with one of his idols to get this intimate and personal detail is just  extraordinary.  It’s a creative wellspring to be able to talk about it.” They built up the character based on the time when Al Pacino was an eleven year old kid with temper tantrums!  Gordon said,  “We designed a character who hasn’t really evolved because he is kind of locked in, he didn’t get over his first love. He is a young boy and he never evolved, the only characters he relates to in his life are a little cat and his granddaughter. For him everybody else represents nothing to him. The rest of the people in his world don’t have a vote in how he behaves.”

A.J Manglehorn (Al Pacino) is a solitary and eccentric man.  He has no connections to tie him to the real world and he doesn’t have close relationships with family or friends.  He is isolated and somehow antisocial,  and he has the tendency to always say what’s on his mind. As a locksmith, he spends his days working on his craft; he spends lonely days in his cluttered shop with few customers and he works helping people who have locked themselves out in their cars or homes. When his typical day is over he returns home to spend the evening with the company of his loved cat “Fanny. “ He has a son Jacob (Chris Messina) who is self absorbed and has no time for him, and a granddaughter Kylie (Skylar Gasper) who he rarely sees.  Part of the routine of A.J.'s life is that every Friday he visits a local bank where he makes a deposit and engages in meaningful conversations with bank teller Dawn (Holly Hunter), but the obsession of a past love “Clara” that ended up badly and wasn’t reciprocated leaves him romantically blind.  He awkwardly spends his time writing her letters that “Clara” never answers. He also hangs out with Gary (Harmony Korine), who as a much younger man was coached by A.J. on a softball team.

Yenis Monterrey: I was very impressed with the scene of the car wreck with the watermelons. Can you explain How did you came up with that idea or explain the scene?

David Gordon Green: “I was reading to my twin 4 year old boys a book they like, this scary book, and was reading to them a story about a busy town and read about a watermelon wreck.  A watermelon truck overturned and there are watermelons everywhere and I thought that actually is very interesting, sad, and, visual.  I thought that it could be interesting to have a vibrant splash of red without any of the green showing and it kind follows this path.  It wasn’t meant to be slow motion or meant to be a one shot thing, but once we arrived to the location and we started filming we had thought it would be great to have this evolution in one shot, but we ended up playing it and then decided to do it in slow motion, and it was one of the best performances for the background extras.  The extras in the scene are upset but Manglehorn is unaware because he isn’t really looking at anyone and he only hears his cat purring; he is just walking as the tragedy unfolds around him, just holding the cat going to the vet.”

Yenis Monterrey: What can you tell me about your experience about shooting in Austin, TX since you have shot three films in Austin?  Manglehorn was shot in the neighborhood you live in Austin, TX?

David Gordon Green:”  I’m not only designing the character Manglehorn with the actor I admire (Al Pacino), but also all the scenes were scripted for those locations and I have never done that before; for example, the Sharp's Locksmith shop on First Street, is where I got the lock changed for my house when I first moved in.  I was walking around the store and I thought this is a great place to make a movie and they became our technical consultants.  I liked the idea of  shooting in Austin with the crew I have become familiar over the last two movies and with the community who has been very supportive creatively and I’m very grateful of being able to show the movie during SXSW and make the movie in Austin, it’s a great place to work with good friends and down to earth.”

About David Gordon Green:

Director, writer and producer. He’s the director behind George Washington, Pineapple Express, and Snow Angels. He has made a Central Texas trilogy of films with Prince Avalanche, Joe, and his new film ManglehornDavid Gordon Green just finished filming the political adaptation Our Brand Is Crisis with Sandra Bullock filmed in Puerto Rico, Bolivia and Louisiana.

David Gordon Green says, ”I make my movies base on an actor or a concept; for example, I’m writing a script right now about an actor and he doesn’t know I’m writing a script for him [Laughs].  I saw a movie this year with this actor and since then I have had him in my  mind, he gets great roles, and he is in big movies. I’m writing for him something very different, but just for him. The reality is probably based on my business mind, I know the best way to get a movie financed is to find an actor who has a value, because if I’m going to make weird movies that do not have anyone famous in them, just unknown actors, who is going to watch them?   Just a few, right?  Then I would be financing the film myself or maybe I would get some funds with crowdfunding, which is cool, but I kind of like the idea of my business model where I’m inviting someone like Al Pacino who is a very internationally well known individual.  I like the idea of reinventing actors and using them in different ways.”

 “I always like to do something new, that’s why I go through different genres from comedy to dramatic movies, political movies, and television shows or commercials because I don’t ever want to get tired about what I’m doing.  I love filming, I love the process of filming, it’s good for my mind and soul.”

 If you like psychological thrillers you can’t miss the film  “Manglehorn.”  It will be open in theaters on June 19th,  2015. The narrative tells the story that will teach the audience the power of letting go of grief and a lost love.

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