Making the American Man Review - A Documentary Worth Seeing

Documentary films are on the rise these days, whether full length or a short.  You can almost find one on every subject with the use of YouTube.  However, unlike YouTube’s not always quality productions, Making the American Man is a production of high quality.  I was extremely impressed by the seamless switch of takes, whether from a historic film clip to a modern one or a video clip to a still images it was incredibly pieced together.  If I am being completely honest though, I almost stopped watching it during the introduction, because the narrator lacked energy in his voice.  What kept me interested was all the different clips they were showcasing; I wanted to see how they would fit into this film.


The film came to life as the interviews began. All of the people in the film were very passionate about their professions.  They all own American business, some were passed down through the generations and some were entrepreneurs who had an idea or a need and turned it into their careers.


At first read of the title, Making the American Man, I thought the film was going to be more of a history lesson about how people became successful when they came to America, and how our society became what it is today.  While the film does touch on that subject throughout the film it is focused on the American Man as a gender.  

I like that they spoke on the idea of Masculinity, and how there seems to be the idea that if a man is masculine he is a tough “Chuck Norris” type of a guy.  This idea as they pointed out has changed throughout the decades. Men were considered masculine if they were gentlemen being courteous, kind and well groomed. Now it seems when people say the word masculine people generally first think of that tough strong man.  The interviews seemed to be of the same opinion that being strong shouldn’t be the only factor of being masculine. They all felt they have a business that will help men become more like the classic “George Washington” “Fred Astaire” type of masculinity. To help men become more aware of themselves, and their appearances.


There were other subjects that they spoke on, and it was an interesting film to watch. I am glad that I continued watching it and didn’t give up just because I wasn't being pulled in enough at the beginning.  I would recommend Making the American Man to anyone who likes documentaries and also to those who who or are planning to start a business of their own.  It can be a source of encouragement to list to others who started small and are now thriving!


For more information please visit Making the American Man online, or just go to Netflix today to view the film!

Images courtesy of Making the American Man


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