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Magnum Opus Review - Pej Vahdat Shines In His Upcoming Lead Role

By Meagan Sargent

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Pej Vehdat of Magnum Opus! Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Many may remember Pej Vahdat for his role as Arastoo Vaziri on the Fox series “Bones,” however, he is switching things up a bit with his latest endeavor. Vahdat will portray art dealer Sean Dabashi, one of four lead characters, in the upcoming feature-length dramatic thriller “Magnum Opus.” 

As an Iranian-American actor, Vahdat acknowledges his early career found him typecast in terrorist roles. It's very typical in the 'Hollywood scene' to play roles that are less than desirable, but, at some point you find your niche. “I played these roles and was miserable. Now, I’m lucky enough to say, ‘No,’ to these characters when they’re offered to me," states Vahdat. "If it was a really good role, I’d consider it—after all, no one says Robert de Niro is a mobster because of his roles. But I’d rather play Sean, the smart-guy art dealer in a spy thriller—not the terrorist.”

His role in “Magnum Opus” brings different psychological challenges into play for the actor, moreover, it just may be one of the most complex characters that he has ever played. 

As the story unfolds, it’s apparent his character is nervous and he is second-guessing the situation he’s put himself in and yet, wants to please everyone. What is revealed at the end of the movie will definitely leave audiences with something to think about afterward.

Magnum Opus! Courtesy Photo

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Published on Nov 26, 2015

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