Madeline Makes A Man Film Review – Pasadena Int’l Film Festival Screening

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Every woman’s dream becomes every man’s nightmare.  Quirky, charming and utterly disgusting, this short film cleverly and comedically sheds light on the age-old question, would women really be happy with the perfect man

SYNOPSIS:  Madeline can't find the perfect man, so she decides to make one. This re-imagining of Frankenstein is a darkly comedic and bloody fable about one woman's ill-fated quest for perfection. [Source: Michelle Boley, Rogue Kite Productions]

A still image from Madeline Makes A Man


Kara Leigh Maloney as Madeline in Madeline Makes A Man

A successful clothing designer, Madeline (Kara Leigh Maloney) is fed up with the completely inadequate men with whom she has been dating.  The flaws in each one push her over the edge.  She, very literally, proceeds to kill each of her suitors, cut out the traits she likes in each and stitches together the perfect parts.  After jump-starting the specimen with battery cables, the result: a design of the seemingly flawless man.  Has Madeline found a way to relationship bliss?  Not so fast.

A still image from Madeline Makes A Man


Kara Leigh Malone plays Madeline in Madeline Makes A Man

The visual depiction of this story nicely matches the tone set by the music.  At times, the circus-themed music and bright/pastel color palette brilliantly distinguishes the light-hearted scenes.  Conversely, and one of the highlights of the film, is a tonally dark montage of “Adam” in various boyfriend situations after he has completed his perfect man training. 

A still image from Madeline Makes A Man

The film is depicted in a Desperate Housewives meets Frankenstein format with glib narration by Alison Reddihough.  Brilliant choice by Boley, who wrote and directed the film.  Maloney’s performance is quick and funny; you often feel she is performing on a high wire.  The film may seem silly at first glance.  Quite the contrary. This short film contains very clever dialogue and visually appealing sequences.  If you can get past the gore of the human stitching (fans of horror may find this appealing), the storyline is enjoyable.  Running time is 19:29 minutes.

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