Lucky 7 Win the Lottery - Exclusive Interview w/ Matt Long & Lorraine Bruce

October 1st, 2013


Lorraine Bruce and Matt Long courtesy of ABC

You won the Lottery. Hooray, $150 million dollars split 7 ways. Have you ever dreamed of winning the Lottery? Sure, money can buy happiness as well as Louis Vuitton bags, a Mercedes and a closet full of designer clothes. Several million dollars winnings would give you everything you ever wanted, right?


"Lucky 7" is about a bunch of friends who are down on their luck working at a gas station in Astoria Queens. Matt’s girlfriend has his second baby and refused to stay in his overbearing mother’s house another day. His brother, who is an ex-con thinks the solution is to pull an inside job and robbing the gas station at night. They win the Lottery and mayem ensues. Denise loses the winning ticket,"Lucky 7" is based on an English drama called the “Syndicate”.  Matt is played by Matt Long.  Lorraine Bruce plays Denise.

I had an opportunity to talk to Lorraine Bruce and Matt Long about their roles on the show.


Anastasia Phillips courtesy of ABC

Tune in at 10:00 and see the ladies having a “Pretty Woman” experience. They try on thousands of dollars worth of clothes and take all of them. They know what its like to be wealthy for the first time.

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