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Los Cabos International Film Festival - Fearless and Unstoppable Once Again

By Meagan Sargent

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The third installation of the Los Cabos International Film Festival has proven to be unstoppable. 

Despite being hit by Hurricane Odile, Cabo San Lucas is fearless. The city underwent major damage totaling an estimated value of $1 billion dollars in economic loss. Slowly but surely the city is joining forces and coming back on its feet.

Honorable mention has to be given to the city for it's prevalence to keep going head fast regardless of the major downfall that has occurred. The third installation of the film festival really showcased the city's positivity, strength,  and timeless beauty.

A beautiful tribute to Roger Ebert, in which Chaz Ebert accepted in his honor. Courtesy Photo

Throughout the festival many movies were screened. Amongst those were: "Wild" directed by Jean Marc Valleè and produced by Reese Witherspoon,  "Mommy" directed by Xavier Dolan, "Words with God" was directed by:Guillermo Arriaga, Hector Babenco, Alex De La Iglesia, Bahman Ghobadi, Amos Gitai, Emir Kusturica, Mira Nair, Hideo Nakata, and Warwick Thronton,  "The Captive" directed by Atom Egoyan, as well as "Boyhood" which was directed by Richard Linklater. 

"Wild", is a daring tale which features the courage and pushes the envelope when a woman is at her wits end. In an inner body challenge within herself she embarks on an 1,100 Kile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, in order to "put herself at the sight of beauty", in order to regain consciousness of her life decisions.

Xavier Dolan of "Mommy". Courtesy Photo

"Mommy" is the tale of a young boy who struggles to battle his inner demons and his anger once he looses his father. His "Mommy" is all that he has and he strives to do his best, however, hurts those that are close to him. Along with the mother and their neighbor the three end up helping each other with their own battles.

"Words with God", is a synopsis of religious beliefs and traditions from around the world. The short film serves as a documentary and showcases the 9 different scenarios from various religious backgrounds.

Atom Egoyan! Courtesy Photo

"The Captive", featuring talented Rosario Dawson, is a modern age  story that many young children should heed to. The issue of chatting online and child slavery is a rising issue worldwide. The film brilliantly conveys this message and the importance and cues to follow in order to stay safe. Written and produced by...."The Captive" follows the life of a family of a young girl who is kidnapped for over 8 years, and has to watch her family struggle, break down,  and get torn apart. Nearly giving up the family is reunited and also put a stop to the evil mastermind behind the scam.

Must see movies at the festival!

"Boyhood" follows the life of a young boy over the span of 11 years. Coping through the average daily woes and awkwardness of growing up. The movie follows the life of a family as they endure many hardships such as: broken homes,  alcohol abuse, as well as constantly moving in order or find stability.  At the end of the movie it's hard not to connect with the family as these are hardships that almost everyone can relate to.

Following the film the closing party was held at Casa Dorada. The epitome of Cabo San Lucas,  the party was held on the beach. Guests danced the night away to popular salsa, meringue tunes while reflecting on the film festival and in essence celebrating Cabo San Lucas.

Diego Luna attending the closing night party! Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Congratulations to the winners of the film festival listed below:

MEXICO FIRST: $15,000- "Llevate mis amores" by Arturo Gonzalez-

LOS CABOS COMPETITION: $15,000 - "Gueros" by Alonso Ruizpalacios

WORK IN PROGRESS MEXICO: $10,000 - Los Herederos by Jorge Hernandez

MEXICO-USA-CANADA CO-PRODUCTION FORUM: $8,000 - Afronauts by Frances Bodom

MEXICO FIRST FOX + $ 40,000 - Isaac Ezban's 'El Incidente'

WORK IN PROGRESS MEXICO FOX + $30,000 - Katina Medina Mora's Sabras produced by Gerardo Gatica and Alberto Muffelmann

WORK IN PROGRESS MEXICO CHEMISTRY $45,000 in color correction services - Jorge Hernandez 'Los Herederos'

MEXICO – USA – CANADA SPLENDOR OMNIA MANTArraya CO-PRODUCTION FORUM- $30,000 USD equivalent prize worth 40 hours of color correction, 40 hours of sound mixing, as well as a paid stay in Tepoztlan Morelos, site of their studios, to the winner Afronauts by Francez Bodomo (USA).

Los Cabos International Film Festival. Courtesy Photo

The third installation of the Los Cabos International Film Festival was a success. Throughout all of the hardships, trials, and tribulations that were set forth, the Los Cabos International Film Festival proved to be unstoppable.  Until next year, "Live it to Believe it".

Published on Nov 18, 2014

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