Looper: a movie that goes round and round



Looper: Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt - confrontation

TriStar Pictures, FilmDistrict, and Endgame Entertainment, along with DMG Entertainment, present the new  Ram Bergman R rated production, which has been written and directed by Rian Johnson, Looper


This futuristic action thriller deals with a time when time travel has but invented, but is illegal.   Mobsters, wanting to get rid of their victims, sent them thirty years into the past where they are executed and disposed of by "loopers."


Looper: Jeff Daniels and Noah Segan - seraching for Joe

Joe (Joseph Gordon Levitt), a looper, wants to get out.  He's amassed enough money and would like to quit the organization, but Abe, the boss (Jeff Daniels) convinces him to take one last case.  To Joe's shock, the assassination victim  turns out to be his older self (Bruce Willis) since in the future, they are "closing the loops" and getting rid of their loopers. 


Looper: Summer Qing and Bruce Willis - an idyllic time

Bruce is determined to not only survive the present, but find out who ordered the hit on his wife (Summer Qing) and to get rid of "The Rainman," the future mob boss.   In order to do the later, he must find the one kid who, in the present, grows up to be the "rainman" and destroy him now. 


Not realizing that both men are the same, Joe Sr and Joe Jr. are being chased by mob lackey, Noah Segan.  Joe Jr takes refuge in the farmhouse of Sara (Emily Blunt) as he, seeking to find "The Rainman" before Joe Sr does, realizes that Sara's son, Cid, has powers he can't explain.   


Looper: Emily Blunt defending her property

The story takes a bit getting into before you understand what is really going on and a bit of imagination to understand how the younger selves can inhabit the same space as the older self.  Even when you think you know what is going on, it's very confusing, and made it easy for one to lose interest.  I didn't understand the ending, until my husband explained it to me.  Bruce Willis fans will probably be disappointed because his talents are wasted.  The only redeeming thing is the young Cid and even that is not enough to pull it off.  You would be far better off renting a copy of Mercury Rising.    


Looper: Jeff Daniels defending his area

Due out September 28, 2012, the film, produced by Ram Bergman and James D Stern, and executive produced by Douglas E Hansen, Julie Goldstein, Peter Schlessel, Dan Mintz and Joseph Gordon Levitt, also stars Paul Dano (Seth) and Piper Perabo (Suzie).  Co-Producers are Dave Pomier, Eleanor Nett, Lucas Smith, and Christopher C. Chen.  Director of Photography is Steve Yedlin.  Production Designer is Ed Verreaux.  Film Editor is Bob Ducsay.  Costume Designer is Sharen Davis.  Music by Nathan Johnson.  Casting by Mary Vernieu, CSA.


Looper: Jospeh Gordon Levitt

For more information, go to www.loopermovie.com






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