Limitless Movie Preview - A Provocative Exploration of a Potent Experience in Human Power

Ever wonder what would happen if you had Limitless potential that could actually be reined into being? What if there was a pill that could turn you into the person you have always wanted to be, with the knowledge you have always wanted to hold, and the success you have dreamed about and fought for everyday?  What would you do with more knowledge, more power, and more money? How far would you go to have it all?

How would you use these achievements and towards what purpose? Would you use your newly-attained, personal glorification to change the world for the better or would you just sit back and rack up the wealth and the cars and the property?

Neil Burger ( The Illusionist, Interview with the Assassin) has crafted a visually explosive portrayal of what one man, Eddie Morra, would do with Limitless potential. Based on a script created by one of my favorite screenwriters, Leslie Dixon, who was also responsible for bringing us such power-house features like Overboard, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Pay It Forward; Limitlessis another fascinating film that stays on your mind long after the 105 minutes plays out.

Bradley Cooper is Eddie Mora

Bradley Cooper takes on an explosive, innovative role as he plays the main character, Eddie Mora, with powerful depth and intuition. Eddie takes us on a rollercoaster ride of Limitless proportion in which he taps into 100% of his own mental capacity and we follow the effects of this surge in power as it reverberates throughout all aspects of his life. Through Eddie, audiences experience a provocative exploration of a tangible response to a very potent transformation in human power. At 25, Eddie was an ambitious young writer with the world on a string and a book contract in his back pocket. Now he’s a cool 35, a decade older and living in a grungy old apartment, still talking about the same book that never did materialize. But now there is a pill.

Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Neil Burger and Leslie Dixon weave an intriguing, relatable experience of power and accomplishment, along with Robert De Niro who takes on the role of the naturally ascendant Carl van Loon.

From complacency to power, follow Eddie Morra as Freudian’s psychoanalytic theory runs rampant with achievement and ostentation throughout the realms and surfaces of one man’s life.

Limitless hits theaters March 18th, 2011

Limitless hits theaters March 18, 2011.

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