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Everyone wants that specific ‘Hollywood Lifestyle’ the fame, the parties, the absolute and utter chaotic nightlife. Those nights are the typical everyday nightlife for DJ Josh LeCash. Making his Sundance debut, “Rebel Rebel Rebel,” follows the life of this mogul and transforms it into a documentary you can not turn away from. ‘Rebel Rebel Rebel’ is the recent winner of the Los Angeles Art-house Film Festival, is one of the most intriguing and enigmatic films to premiere at the world’s leading independent film festivals.  Directed by Kyle Schneider and shot on a Canon 5D, it captures the exclusive city nightlife in the hottest capitals coast to coast, LA and New York. 

'Rebel Rebel Rebel' Official Poster! Courtesy Photo

Josh LeCash sits down and opens up to Splash Magazines about his lifestyle, accomplishments, and why he loves the competition.

MS: When did you start pursuing a career as a DJ? 

JLC: I started pursuing a career in djing about 5 years ago in Miami. I lived 20 min away from south beach and when I started going out and seeing what the DJs out there were doing I figured I could do their job better. I did and I am. 

MS: What is your inspiration? What makes you thrive to make incomparable mixes?

JLC: I like to find weird underground music. I guess DJs in the past would dig through records in record shops. I dig through the Internet to find weird interesting songs. I tend to play some parties that call for top 40 generic song selection. I don't mind those they pay the bills but I really love to DJ underground parties in seedy clubs/bars where I can really explore and play what I want. 

MS: As a DJ who is someone that you would like to work with in the near future?

JLC: My friend Chris Holmes went on tour as Paul McCartney's DJ. I would love to do something like that. Maybe David Bowie? 

MS: Congrats on your film 'Rebel Rebel Rebel' being in the festival. Did you have any clue that you'd receive this much buzz about the film?

JLC: Thank you! I kind of figured I would have the buzz just because I don't think I'm like any other DJ or person for that matter. When I get interviewed I get asked the same questions over and over again but I still have the ability to shock the journalist and take the interview to a whole other level that just comes so unexpectedly.

Josh LeCash and Director Kyle Schneider! Courtesy Photo

MS: What were your initial thoughts when being approached to making a documentary?

JLC: Kyle Schneider approached me at one of my gigs (Lil Death) and I thought we were just going to film some of my gigs but it turned into this whole other project. I honestly didn't know it would be a docu until he finished editing the film. Although I did know we were going to make something amazing cause I was the subject of the film 

MS: You have been called 'lazy, self-absorbed, and unprofessional, a wannabe DJ' but then again you are sort of the DJ everyone loves. How does this make you feel?

JLC: Those who say that are just jealous and mainly other DJs. It's a small community with even fewer gigs. If they want to vilify me that's cool I take it as a compliment and that I am doing something right. I am lovable aren't I?

Oh also last night I was djing the Lovelace after party and this DJ came up to me accusing me of copying his mixes and set. He started threatening me I was about to punch him in the face. Lucky for him he got kicked out. It really is a cutthroat profession!

Slamdance Red Carpet! Courtesy Photo

MS: Any other tricks up your sleeve, any other career path that you would want to try out?

JLC: I want to take my career to the next level and play festivals. Possibly produce music. Politics maybe? Acting? Same as politics so I'll maybe do both 

MS: Upcoming projects, big events?

JLC: Like I mentioned. Festivals. I'm counting on Coachella. Also we are thinking of making a feature version of our documentary. I miss the camera following me

MS: Best way for our readers to keep in touch with you? 

@joshlecash on Twitter and Instagram!

Josh LeCash on Soundcloud and Facebook!


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