Jared Leto


Jared Leto

It was really nice to see Jared Leto get the recognition as an actor that he so richly deserved last night at the Golden Globes. A fellow Louisianan, Jared happens to be related to my best friend. It’s hard not to stare into those piercing bright blue eyes of his.  But Jared Leto is so much more than a pretty face.


In fact you hardly recognized him in “Chapter 27” when he portrayed Mark David Chapman and gained over 60 pounds. So it was no surprised that he looked better than some of the Playmates I know as Rayon, the transvestite with the heart of gold in “Dallas Buyers Club.”


Jared is known for picking odd roles to play every few years and blowing you away in awe when you watch his every move. He’s known to do that in person at his concerts with his band, “30 Seconds To Mars.”


So it’s safe to say Jared Leto is not only a rock star, but also one hell of an actor.  Let’s just hope we are all lucky enough to see him again in something amazing on the silver screen real soon. If not you can always catch one of his concerts!


Leto found out recently that “Dallas Buyers Club” was sent to him 15 years ago. Leto was appearing in Girl, Interrupted (1999) and shooting Requiem for a Dream and American Psycho (both 2000) -- projects with which Leto might not have been involved had he read and been cast as Rayon back then.


Sometimes timing is everything and for that I for one am grateful Jared waited until now to breath life into such an amazing character. It’s going to always be interesting to watch what Jared will do next.

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