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Interview with Director Gloria Kisel of The Brentwood Connection

By Donna Spangler

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I sat down with the producer/director/writer/star Gloria Kisel-Hollis to discuss her new film, The Brentwood Connection, which will debut at the Beverly Hills Film and Television Festival this Fall.


Hi Gloria, what is The Brentwood Connection about?

The Brentwood Connection is about two divorcee socialites who lose it all and then cleverly come up with a humorous social media business plan to hopefully get back to their accustomed lives of riches and romance. Fresh out of their pathetic divorce settlements,Lana (played by me) and her best friend Ella (Tina Hillstrom) come up with a unique business idea to jump start their miserable lives. They create a "fictitious" on-line dating website to provide matchmaking services for elite wealthy suitors but in reality it is for their own personal use hoping their next business decision leads them back to a life of love, success, and billions!


Where did the idea for The Brentwood Connection come from and what was your inspiration?

The idea of The Brentwood Connection came from my personal experiences and my close friend’s life. I was inspired by seeing all these wonderful women I know trying to make it happen for themselves and not finding success on what they're trying to accomplish.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the film industry

Love and life inspire me. I always follow my intuition for everything. I have lived all over the world and have a beautiful and talented daughter, Farrah Karina.  who I named after working on set with Farrah Fawcett. I have been married 3 times and I dedicated a large portion of my time to working with various humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises. For a long time I had my own show in Palm Beach call Palm Beach Now with Gloria Hollis. I love to direct and produce while occasionally acting. I have produced over 10 films and hope to continue doing so.


What do you hope viewers will learn from your film?

I want women, especially women who have never believed they can make things happen for themselves, to recognize that if you have the will to make things happen you can conquer the world.  


Have you used a dating service yourself? And if so, would you recommend it?

I have never used a dating service before but I have many friends who have found success with it and they have really inspiring stories.


What advice would you give to women who are still looking for love, romance, or a relationship?

 I think the main thing is to Always be yourself. Go out there and be real. You'll have a happy story to tell ever after. 


What are your plans for this film? Are you looking to get it into distribution

I have big plans for The Brentwood Connection. I’m taking it to all the film festivals and will do a lot of promotion for it. I also hope on getting distribution or selling it as a television series.


Are there any other projects in the works right now?

Yes , I do have other projects in the works and I am definitely looking forward to getting the next one ready soon. It will be a romantic comedy based on life in the City of Angels.



Thank you Gloria for the enlightening interviewer! I know that I can't wait for the premiere of The Brentwood Connection. 


Published on Sep 05, 2013

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