Interior. Leather Bar - James Franco and Travis Mathews Make Their Risque Debut at Sundance 2013

James Franco and Travis Mathews 'Interior.Leather Bar'

Challenging the art of film, director James Franco and Travis Mathews have produced a film that is all too relevant. Taken from the 1980’s film, ‘Cruising’, which was a psychological thriller film directed by William Friedkin and staring Al Pacino. The film was to target gay men associated with S&M. Although ‘Cruising’ received ‘poor’ reviews by critics, Franco and Mathews have decided to challenge the human mind and make this ‘provocative’ film, ‘Interior. Leather Bar, something of the ‘norm’.


“Cruising, the watching, the looking-looking around for someone to have some action with,” as director Mathews states, is the spin and purpose of the title. Various actors both straight and gay have joined in to make this film a success in order for a voice to be heard. While some agreed more than others, the majority were in it for what is the ‘minority’ to boost rights. Movies as risqué as this are often frowned upon, however, if done so correctly it will brilliantly shine through with a positive message.


“I don’t like the fact that I feel like I’ve been brought up to think a certain way-my mind has been twisted by the way the world has been set up around me,’ says Franco, ‘straight, normative behavior-if there is a way to break up in my own mind I am all for it.”


Interior. Leather Bar is a raw film that is complex and basically taking risks about the exploration of sexual and creative freedom. Who is to say what is normal or not in society any more? James Franco and Travis Mathews challenge you to come up with a solid note-worthy answer to this predicament many of us are in.


‘Sex should be used as a story telling tool,’ says Franco, ‘I don’t know what’s going on but it is about being here and putting yourself out there and doing it.”



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