Inequality for All- Sundance Hit


Robert Reich explains the true nature of the economic crisis facing the U.S. in documentary Inequality for All. Labor Board Specialist, Reich, who served on the Clinton, Ford, and Carter administrations, breaks down the causes of income inequality -- why the super-rich make exponentially more money than the middle-class than at any time in American history -- and why it's a crisis for the economy and democracy. Inequality for All is a compelling film which explains the logisistics of the growing class gap in America, and global economic meltdown, which has been occuring since the 70's, and what can been done to implement change. Inequality for All has been compared to smash hit An Incovenient Truth. Directed by Jacob Kornbluth , Reich poses the question, "How inequal can America get?" With the top percentile holding over 99 percent of the wealth. Reich is a political commentator on news shows such as Hardball with Chris Mathews. Inequality for All has won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award at Sundance this year! Passionate Robert Reich, who is the author of books such as Aftershock, Beyond Outrage, and Supercapitalist seeks to expel ecomonics myths saying, “The problem was not that Americans spent beyond their means but that their means had not kept up with what the larger economy could and should have been able to provide them. the American economy had been growing briskly, and America's middle class naturally expected to share in that growth. But it didn't. A larger and larger portion of the economy's winnings had gone to people at the top.” The film was excellent and very informative.




Photo courtesy of Sundance Film Festival


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